Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What has Indian Government done after 26/11

You must be very pleased and a little confident about what has been happening in regards to Mumbai 26/11, Pakistan have been given so many warnings and ultimatum which in fact worked and Pakistan have been pressurized to do things, to battle against terror. You must be satisfied to see the growth in this whole picture by reading everyday in newspaper that today this mastermind is held or this terrorist is in custody, yes I am also one of them who are getting happy with the steps forward, BUT.

Have you ever thought, what is the role of Indian government in this whole improvement, What Indian government has done to Pakistan so that Pakistan is so much under pressure that this country has no other go but to be of assistance !!!

Here are some headlines from Times of India Which when we came to know about, we were very happy that at last something is getting done against Terrorism,

# Rice snubs Pak, says it must help nail Mumbai attackers
# US sets stage for Pak strikes
# US leadership has asked Pakistan to ban the Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the renamed political wing of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, immediately and take action against its chief Hafiz Mohammed Saeed. This would count as an immediate “deliverable’’ by Pakistan in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks
# RICE IN DELHI: its Pakistan’s responsibility to act strongly against “non-state actors’’ (terrorists) who sometimes act in the confines of a state
# RICE IN ISLAMABAD: I found the Pakistani leadership understanding the importance of doing so. Particularly in rooting out terrorists and rounding up whoever perpetrated this attack, from wherever it was perpetrated, whatever its sources, whatever the leads
# Pakistan has agreed to a 48-hour timetable set by India and the US to formulate a plan to take action against the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and to arrest at least three Pakistanis who Indian authorities say are linked to the multiple attacks in Mumbai, a top US daily reported
# US may declare Pak a terror state
# US convinced of Pak role
# US to ask UN for sanctions against Pak terror agents: According to reports, the US will be sending a list of names of prominent Pakistanis for sanctions to add pressure on Pakistan to take action against terror groups
# US lawmakers to Pak - Fight terror or face aid cut

Do you notice something shameful in these headlines, the whole lot is done by US, US is acting like a guardian to India and Indian Govt is like 5 yr old child is just watching the proceedings

Now let’s see what Indian Govt has completed wrt to 26/11

# My personal fav. "Condemn the terror attacks" when someone can’t do anything against something they just condemn it !!
# MPs have resigned !!
# MPs are embarrassing parents of a dead HERO, who died fighting for us.
# Govt asks for 20 Terrorists, Pak Refuses, Indian Govt settles down !!!! Are you kidding me !!
# I can’t think of anything else government has done wrt safety measures - Policies - terrorism etc etc

When our current govt is SO IMPOTENT then why not go for a change !!! All you people who love Congress, I don’t recognize why you are choosing them yet again !!

Please don’t take me wrong, I am not a follower of any party, don’t think that I support BJP because I don’t, I SUPPORT WHO CAN DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR MY COUNTRY. It may be Congress, BJP, XYZ I don’t care

My point is only this much that when existing govt is so afraid to even tell out in public that its all done by Pakistan then why to have such LOOSERS to rule us, why not look out for a change.

When your maid stops working properly don’t you lookout for the change !!!! You lookout for a change because you pay her/him 1000/- per month and you want value for the money, have you ever thought how much are you paying for this govt. as taxes, the Govt. which also does not work !!!! Think About it.

In the end I want you to ask yourself before you abuse more politicians, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TOWARDS 26/11, I have at least written this blog and spread some awareness, I have made people become conscious a bit what’s going on, this might not even add up 0.000000000000001% towards 26/11 but it is better then 0% effort and cry on your destiny

Next time when I will see my face in mirror at least I will be able to face myself :-)
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