Sunday, May 3, 2009

Roadies The HIT Disaster


Sorry for my foul language at 1 or 2 places in this blog, it was just because i was upset to the core.

I am very sure that you must be aware of a TV show MTV Roadies and I do know that some of you personally hate it from the bottom of your heart, I don’t.

I started watching this show from its season 4, I like shows where realism of this category exist, I know many of you hate it because of its foul lingo but trust me its lot better then many other TV serials not because we are young and we find humor in foul talking but because of its layout because of its unpredictability.

When I completed watching Roadies season 4, I became a HUGE fan of Roadies, its format and Raghu (Creator of Roadies). I like the way Raghu screw people and the way he observes things as soon as one opens his/her mouth, BUT he frustrated me.

. Roadies season 4 was a HUGE hit, huge means HUGE, It broke all the TRP records, every teenager was chatting about only 1 thing, Roadies, very few of us knew the existence of roadies before season 4. And season 4 had many great things, It had an exceptional and most worthy performer "Anthony" who finally won, most deserving Roadie to win I would say, then there was this big mind game participant who screwed every single soul on that show, "Rishab", Then there was "Bani", the drama queen who survived till end but lost to “Anthony”. This season had nothing you could say was terrible; it was really a great season.

. After the unpredicted triumph of season 4 MTV launched season 5 pretty shortly, auditions were held and Roadies 5.0 started, Now Mr. Raghu lost his cerebral stability completely and started putting his illogical twists and turns onto the roadies, I appreciate that you want to do innovative things and you don’t want us to forecast what is next BUT Mr. Raghu you must also take care that you don’t get your audience pissed off from your ridiculous ideas.

When season 5 started the initial episode itself took everyone by surprise that it had 2 eliminations. It was Ankita (Simran) and Varun who got out in the first episode itself but after that it was pretty ok, all the tasks were excellent and there were not too much of surprises excluding the episodes 6 & 7 in which Mr. Raghu brought back every voted out roadie (Except 1st episode's voted out roadies Ankita and Varun and as anticipated no justification given Why!!!) But since there were almost equal number of roadies on either sides (Voted-out and non-voted-out) so viewers accepted the twist. The thought was excellent that Roadie who is most commendable will go to Malaysia and that is what happened.

BUT by the end of episode 8 Mr. Raghu's baldhead started going through enormous pain because he not yet had applied his silliest ideas, he chose Malaysia for it.

# Ridiculous Idea no.1 --> Varun and Simran who got voted out in the first episode joined the other roadies in episode 9 in Malaysia without any struggle without any contest, no explanation given why?? That was the most retarded twist I had ever seen but Mr. Raghu did not discontinue.

# Ridiculous Idea no.2 --> In the final episode Mr. Raghu introduced one more crapiest thought, he again called back all the roadies and asked the 2 finalists to pick their squad. They chose their team and the crapy part was that 2 finalists did not have to battle at all but all the voted out roadies have to participate for them and the winning team's skipper will win!!!! But it got tied..... just right circumstances to give audience an another piece of CRAP.

# Ridiculous Idea no.3 --> This was the most astonishing and the mother of all the crap, Since it got tied between 2 teams it went to the 3rd Roadie who got abolished the last, just before finale, it was "Sonel" and She had to shout the name of the roadie SHE THINKS IS THE WINNER.... Cmoooooonnnnnnn man..... You show yourself that you are the most genius person on earth Mr. Raghu but YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A PIECE OF CRAP CRAP CRAP.

So that ended the season 5, which was again a hit because of the reputation of season 4. So Mr. Raghu decided to do something gigantic this occasion, generally they take 13 roadies but this time he decided for 20 roadies in season 6.

Season 6 started with the Bang, they said it will be scarier, intense, in Australia HELL DOWN UNDER, Hmmmm sounds appealing.... last time Raghu made it like Saas bahu serial.... who is dead he brings him/her back .... I thought he is a shrewd man and he will not replicate those things.... BUT he proved me WRONG BY A VVVVVV LONG WAY.

Season 6 selected 20 roadies.... 20 incredible roadies..... But then came the 1st episode and this time Mr. Raghu did not hang around for 6-7 episodes to demonstrate how retarded he is. In 1st Episode he divided 20 roadies in 2 groups on basis of his retarded mind, group 1 (insecured group) whom he think needs to prove themselves to go ahead which included roadies like “Sufi” and “Nauman” and group 2 (secured group) whom he really wants to see ahead in the show, now if you look at the group whom he really wanted to see ahead in the show had roadies like "Devarshi", "Paulami", "Gurmeet (Palak)", "Tamanna" whom each kid in India knew are of NO CALIBRE.

Out of that insecure group he for a second time divided them in 2 teams and made them compete, team lost went home straightforwardly in the 1st episode itself, 5 roadies "Ankur", "Sonia", "Neha", "Vicky" and "Bhanu" were among those 5 roadies who were the sufferers of Raghu's Mentally retarded - Challenged – Fucked up skull .... Next few lines are in Hindi for Raghu which I will explain in English below it.

To Raghu "Saale dhakkan, gadhe, ullu ke patthe tu apne aap ko shayad Bond samjhta hai par tu asliyat me hai ek ghanghor chutiya, saale bhadwe jab ek saath 5-6 roadies hi nakalne they to kya ghanta bajane ke liye 20 roadies liye they !!!"

English: "Asshole when you had to get rid of 5-6 roadies jointly to trim down the expenditure then why the FUCK did you choose 20 at the first place"

But all of us still thought that Raghu is not that foolish or dim-witted to do such thing and he will bring them back later in the show like how he did in season 5. BUT NO Raghu proved himself the biggest ASSHOLE.

He showed what happens when someone finds success much before when they truly should have achieved it.

Another thing, it’s a game show, a game show has some fundamental laws which are fixed but not for Raghu, he says something then he says no I want this!!!! there was a task in which weakest roadie had to be pushed in a coffin and whoever gets inside the coffin will loose the immunity, this was told initially in the task but later person who was pushed inside "Bobby" wins immunity!!!!!! And "Devarshi" who volunteered himself to go into the coffin goes out without even being voted out because Raghu changed his mind!!!! How EXTRA STUPID are you RAGHU???

Similarly there were 2 more such occurrences where Raghu Showed how gigantic fool he is and the best part is he thinks that he is soooooooooo smart that people will not catch his stupidity,

# 1st - When he gave opportunity to Sufi again, for the third time, reason, he was voted out because of Raghu's Twist, Abay saale to twist daalte kyo ho!!!! (Why the hell do you introduce twists) .... 3 times!!! Sufi gets 3 times because RAGHU wanted him to win BADLY.... Sufi gets 3 times but those 5 roadies who got purged in first episode dint even get there 1st chance correctly and they were not even called when all the roadies had to comeback for the finale .... Sign of an original brainless asshole.

#2nd - For last finale when final 2 roadies had to compete, for that Kiri won and had to choose between "Nauman" and "Palak" to participate with him in the finals, again came the mentally challenged Raghu and his equally mentally retarded brother Rajeev. Both of them knew that they can twist Kiri's intelligence, they made him pick Nauman !!!! You know why ...... because if you had seen the last task of Roadies 6, Palak even in her dreams could never ever have done it..... And this idiocy of Raghu and Rajeev made Kiri loose his Roadies title.

But I DO appreciate that every task executed in Australia was AWESOME ... i dont know if i have to give the credits to "Bumpy" (Director of Roadies) for it or to Raghu .... but they were superb.

I will be glad not to see you face and your tricks in Roadies 7 Mr. Raghu if you stick to your words that Roadies 6 was your retirement.

Look back and learn from your blunders.... you are making fool of yourself on national television..... You are well-known and successful..... Don’t loose it..... It’s your fan telling you and not someone who hates you..... Listen to your fan's word at least.

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