Saturday, March 17, 2012

Food Street aka Thindi Beedi


Food Food food, who does not love food and when it comes to road side food the lure of hunger skews up exponentially. But it is very much necessary to know where to get hygienic, appetizing and economical street food. In India the rudimentary problem is hygiene and a careless attitude towards it which sometimes takes a toll on our health. Well no worries, I have got just a right place for you where you can get all kind of street food from Idly to Dosa and from Pakodas (Bhajjis) to Chinese. It’s called Thindi Beedi aka Food street.

Thindi beedi is located in VV Puram,


There is everything here for all ages from kids to elders but you might not find great deal of north Indian food but there is lots more to explore.


The street starts from VB Bakery, perhaps the finest and the oldest bakery known in Bangalore.

Tip:- You might wanna tour the street first, eat everything and then enter here to shop so that you need not have any distractions while eating.

Thindi street is full of eateries and most delightful food you could ever fancy. The food here cannot be labelled cheap but it’s certainly not expensive.

Tip:- Take a dry tour of the boulevard and then choose on the list of options because there lots to eat but certainly you cannot have all Party smile.

Here are the few legendary food here,





At Shivanna Gulkhan centre you get 2 exclusive deals,

1. Exotic fruits + Gulkand + Ice-cream = Mind-blowing Combo

2. Masala Pepsi







for some strange reason people tend to have printed the wrong spellings all over the street on their shop boards but nothing could beat the following, 


Food street is a strictly veg foodie’s nirvana, so just go there and freak out on the food coz the place is a delight by the evening progresses as the crowd builds up,


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