Saturday, March 17, 2012

In the Pink

Being a foodie I love to discover lots of food joints and being a complete lazy I frequently look for healthy and organic nourishment too so that I can compensate the food with no exercise Hot smile

While going through a magazine I came across an organic restaurant nearby my vicinity called ‘In the Pink’, ‘In the Pink’ means “Healthy”.

In the Pink’ is set on Bannerghetta road with an upright neighbourhood. When we entered inside we were greeted with the organic bazaar where you can shop anything and everything organic. Next to that is the decent looking diner area,



We were quite hungry and wished to experience the freshness of organic food but as soon as we were passed the menu card we were little saddened. The menu did not have any authentic south Indian dish or any meal options, in fact the menu card was nothing but a collection of few dirty A4 sheets clipped together with some cryptic marks and symbols emblazoned by pen. Undoubtedly it looked like that the owner was sitting on one of the table on a gloomy day when there was no business and decided to cut down the menu,


We ordered few regulars like Tomato Dhaniya Shorba, Mushroom Chilly, Bajra Roti, Peas Masala, Jeera Rice and Butter milk. It was little odd to notice that waiter was inexperience and to some extent chaotic because of the way we were served. Because after soup and starters we had to go look for him to let him jot down the remaining order. To be noted that this was Wednesday; just beyond twilight and there were only 2 people in the restaurant the blogger and his wife, hence it cannot be that he was busy attending other tables.

Well Dhaniya Tomato Shorba was nothing but Garlic Rasam which was very strange because it’s said tomato soup and tasted more of garlic, though it was great in taste.


Soon after we were aided with Mushroom Chilly, looking at which we were completely disheartened because it was very greasy and certainly not healthy,Photo0369

The taste was no exceptional but the freshness of capsicum in the dish was worthy enough without any idea if it in fact was fresh or not.

Upon 2 unsuccessful attempts I could succeed to discover the attendant to takedown our rest of the meal order which was served in no time.


The Bajra Roti was blameless but Peas masala wasn’t, Jeera Rice had its true smoky aroma with a bit of extra oil and at the end the buttermilk was truly dreadful, have never had vilest buttermilk then that.

In the end it was evident that the price tag on the food is not at all worthy or for anything for that matter.

There was another alarming statistic we detected that for the whole time of around 1 hr there was not even a solitary bird that lay its feet inside the restaurant and that pretty much tells the true story.

My report Card for ‘In the Pink’ is

Price – 4/10

Taste – 5/10

Service – 6/10

Ambience – 5/10

Value for money – 4/10

I can find better taste and quality of street food for 1/5th of the price charged

Will I go back – Not in my current life, I might in next birth.

There is nothing apparent organic about it and for sure nothing healthy about the food either

For me its ‘In the Pink Disaster’

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