Saturday, March 24, 2012

Vidhyarthi Bhavan :- A Legacy

It’s said that if you are in Bangalore and haven’t had Vidhyarthi Bhavan Masala Dose then there was no significance in visiting Bangalore. Vidhyarthi Bhavan perhaps is the most ancient restaurant that serves mind-blowing dosas. They have other stuff too but masala dose is the most well-known order here. Vidhyarthi bhavan is located in Gandhi Bazaar,

Its famous for its breakfast but when you go here have slight endurance because you will have to be in a queue to get in. People just pour in from each direction to have breakfast here.

The operational timings here are,


As soon as you get here; get your name written to the attendant outside the restaurant gates taking names to get people inside in orderly fashion. Once you are in then you will appreciate the oldness (It has been renovated but still has looks from the past) of the place and if I am not incorrect; few people in staff too are as old as the restaurant.


When you get in; you can ask for innumerable varieties of dishes but don’t forget to order masala dosa right away because waitron may give you a bad glare if you don’t order one Smile (Just kidding; I have never tried that but that can happen I guess). Khara bhat, Kesri bhat and tea are ordinary but Vada, poori and Coffee are goodPhoto0389

and unquestionably masala dose are simply the crispiest dosas you will find anywhere ; except of course at Davangere Benne dose opposite to the Sarakki bus stop,

Photo0393 Don’t get terrified by the manner Dosas are served here, they are professionals and please do not try this at home,

After dosa is served; wait for some time because a server would come to aid you with chutney.

It’s a legendary place, very crowded and yet very small hence don’t get perturb if a family stands next to your table waiting for you to get up as soon as you are done so that they can grab the seat. Such sights are traditional here.

My report Card for ‘Vidhyarthi Bhavan’ is

Price – 8/10

Taste – 8/10 (Only for Dosa)

Service – 10/10

Ambience – 4/10

Value for money – 8/10 (Again, Only for Dosa)

Will I go back – Sure why not

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