Monday, October 19, 2009

Tere Sang – A Kidult Love Story

    Today I saw a movie title of which is the same as the title of this post. I know many of you would not have heard of it because it’s already out of theatres. When we started this movie I had a slight info about the movie that it’s about 2 teenagers who by mistake end up having a preteen physical relation. I actually had no faith in the movie, I was thinking it will be just another film in which director would try a disastrous effort to offer audience a message.

    The movie did not have any huge star caste or any other extraordinary features but I still decided to go ahead and write about it because of its unusualness. The movie is directed by none other than Satish Kaushik and music is composed by Anu Malik. I was astonished to notice those names at the opening and at the finish of the movie. A movie with such big names went overlooked.

So What’s the fuss all about!!

    The Movie is about 2 teenagers, who go eloped after committing the blunder and a 17 yr old tries to take care of his 15 yr old pregnant companion. Movie does not have any excellent story but what it does have a strong finish which I and my wife were never presuming. The ending is not a total shock but a very indisputable one. Movie also has very different dialogues, every time there is a dialogue or a situation which is repeated in almost all Indian movies had a very different and far better conclusion in comparison to what every other movie has. I just loved the way Satish Kaushik and Rajat Kapoor acted right through the movie, they just proved how effortless and sparkling they are in their work and I would say in fact that this one is the best of Satish Kaushik's any roles that he has played till now.

If you get hold of this movie then try to watch it, it’s not bad :D
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