Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are you an Indian ??

Me:- What is our President's Name?

VR: - Ummmmmmm ..... mmmmmmm ..... mmmmm .... I know it ..... Manmohan Singh .... no no no .... ummmmm
Me:- Shall I tell you ?

VR:- No No ... I know .... It’s Abdul Kalam Azad.

Me:- Awesome, then tell me what is the capital of New Delhi?

VR:- Hey Delhi itself is India's Capital, what do you think I am a fool ??

Me:- No but in that case, since it’s a state it should have a capital, right??

VR:- No it’s not a state.

Me:- Ok then what is it ??

After thinking and silence of exact 30 seconds

VR:- Ya it’s a state but I don’t know what its capital is.

Me:- Chandni Chowk

VR:- Ya may be (with a non-convincing look)

Me:- Ok then tell me this, How many states does India have ?

VR:- 25

Yes, that’s what the IQ of today’s generation is. Above, VR is one of my College friend and after 4 yrs of engineering and 3 yrs of job this is what a 26 yr old knows about his own country. It’s not the problem only with him, I have come across many others too and I have got the same kind of answers. People then say that they don’t have interest in politics.

These were no political questions!!! This is regular information which I think everyone MUST know ATLEAST.

Well correct answers to the question asked above are

President's Name (2007-2009 and going on) - Smt. Pratibha Patil

President's Name (2002-07) - APJ Abdul Kalam (No “Azad”, Abdul Kalam Azad was the renowned freedom fighter)

New Delhi - It is not a state but a Union territory (A Union Territory is a sub-national administrative division of India, in the federal framework of governance. Unlike the states of India but not actual state)

Number of states - 28

1.Andhra Pradesh
2.Arunachal Pradesh
9.Himachal Pradesh
10.Jammu and Kashmir
14.Madhya Pradesh
24.Tamil Nadu
26.Uttar Pradesh
28.West Bengal

Number of Union Territories - 7

A.Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C.Dadra and Nagar Haveli
D.Daman and Diu
F.National Capital Territory of Delhi

I don’t know why people don’t have any awareness towards our own homeland.

# We know who is Obama, Sarkozy or Blair but who is Indian President no one knows
# We know who Guns and Roses are but don’t know who is Bheemsen Joshi
# We know about Eiffel Tower but have no idea where India Gate is (Bombay or Delhi !!!)
# We know about Pizza but eating masala dosa is considered middle class
# We know who Tom Cruise is but have no idea who Om Puri is.

I appreciate that foreign ethnicity is flamboyant and extraordinary but you are an Indian and till now you used all Indian resources to be here, to be able to read this but still you are more concerned in the nations other then yours. I am not asking you to write a book about India but having basic knowledge about it will do.

Think about this, I will ask you 5 very basic questions about India and if you answer them without googling/referring then you must be proud of yourself otherwise......

1. What is the capital of India ?
2. What is the order of 3 colors in Indian Flag ?
3. What was Mahatma Gandhi's full name ?
4. What is national Song of India ?
5. In which state Tajmahal is?

Let’s see the answers in the comments, if you do not know the answers then leave them namelessly but do not refer. If you refer and reply then we are not in loss, then its just you who is fooling yourself.

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