Sunday, September 12, 2010

Charismatic Chulbul Pandey

I am no Salman fan and neither was fascinated to watch his newest flick “Dabaang”. One of my buddy sent me a SMS asking “Dabaang next weekend” and I promptly replied “Definitely not” but my friends and my wife made me watch it and I must tell you, I can’t believe I am saying this, that it’s a kind of movie which should not be ignored AT ALL.

  Dabaangg should in fact be spelled Dabang, pronounced as The-bung means fearless and that’s its lead, Inspector Chulbul Pandey. Film begins from him and finishes on him. It’s somewhat a stand-up comedy act from Salmaan Khan and to represent it as a movie circumstances are shaped around him. I said stand-up comedy because every time Chulbul Pandey opens his mouth it ends up with something extremely hilarious. Each sentence he speaks is better than the previous one. Dialogues and situations are formed so vividly that there will not be a single instant where you will not find yourself laughing your guts out. You can say that movie is predictable but dialogues, no way.

   We have seen many Hindi movies and as soon as it talks about Bihar or UP, it’s all the time violence, corruption and polluted politics but not at this instance. This has violent behaviour and muddy politics but this movie does something poles apart. You will never find a police inspector from UP doing better item number then Malaika, you might even cry because you would have laughed so much only by his dance in the movie especially in “munni badnaam hui”. Salman has done whatever he wanted and yet it was total value for money deal. Till today I have liked 1-2 Salmaan’s movie and my much-loved is one of them “Andaaz Apna Apna” and not to forget “Judwaa”, I find irresistible Salmaan when he does comedy, he is brilliant at it. From scene one Salman will build such atmosphere that if he is not in a scene then you may not like it at all. People who think highly of Rajnikant and can’t see his movies because they are all in Tamil, here is Rajnikant of Hindi movies Chulbul Pandey for you. Total Rajnikant style but in his own way.

Verdict: - Do watch it because it’s VERY VERY VERY FUNNY. It has broken 3 Idiots’ weekend collection records. I would recommend you to go and watch it in theatre because it’s a kind of movie which must be watched in middle of people who love Salman and whistle and shout for his every appearance and dialogue. Don’t look forward to see anyone else in this movie because it’s just Salmaan oriented film and everyone else has just 5-10 minute character to play. I am sure that you anyways will not at all wish for anyone to emerge on screen apart from Salmaan. For me there were way too many songs but that’s ok, I can pardon them for what I got apart from it and Songs aren’t too bad at all.

My Rating: 5/5 just because it does not bore you and gives you 100% value for money unlike recent tremendously terrible movies this year.

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