Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ada Hind Ki


We have a lovely circle of friends and we keep finding reasons to treat each other but at the same time we ensure that wherever we are going is not repeated (Unless it was an exceptional place) and for the same reason we keep having parties at new eating places. This time it was “Ada Hind ki”, the restaurant was launched I think a year before. I first heard about it on one of the FM radio channels where they were gifting out its buffet invitations. From the portrayal heard on Radio, the restaurant sounded mouth-watering and classy. Ada hind ki is located close to Church Street near Empire hotel.

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Sorry I have no images to offer of the restaurant, in fact I deliberately did not take any picture of it. As soon as you will enter in the restaurant you will get a feeling of luxury and sophistication but that was all it puts forward. We were 15 and because it was Sunday it was completely booked. They have an array of,

# 2 Starters – Veg and Non Veg

# 1 Soup – Veg and Non Veg

# 3 Dishes – Veg and Non Veg

# Biryani – Veg and Non Veg

# 3-4 Desserts

They have a seating arrangement for no less than 50 people and they just have single serving bowls for each dish in a very compact area.

The area is so compact that if 5-10 people come simultaneously to get something it can really become annoying which in fact can happen without doubt and did occur to us but that wasn’t the most frustrating part. With every meal a beer was on the house, many of us did not take that and for non-alcoholics the sole selection was Sweet/Salt lime in a shooter glass holding barely 100 ml of beverage!!!

We began eating and then the actual pain started. Even upon constant demand to serve starters (On the contrary that they should supply it before we could even ask for) no one took interest in us and shortly we dropped the expectation of receiving any starters, so we thought ok fine let’s get underway with the main course.

The assortment of chats was excellent and had a quiet good flavour. The curries were not great and were pretty average, below average to be very specific. After some time few more people joined and it became chaos at the buffet counter. And as if that wasn’t enough, few moments’ later bowls were out of stock, Salad was unavailable, Biryani was absconding and a curry was no more!!! Even after waiting for 20 agonizing minutes in the middle of the meal there wasn’t any indication of any reinforcements for the bowls which went empty. My disappointment turned into rage. I asked for the supervisor, the person who was presented to me did not appear more than a head waiter so I asked for his superior who also did not seem as a person who could be of any help but I did complained to him. He at the same second pushed his panic button, he ran here and there and within 2 minutes he came up to me and declared that everything is back and I can take anything I want. I got up from my seat and went to the buffet; I could not believe that those same things were still missing. By then I understood that these hard skinned people are not concerned about anything. The reason for hold-up was Sunday and that’s why there are more people!!! What does that even mean!! If you can’t run a place for 50 people then why the hell have you opened a place for 50 people? I somehow completed my lunch with the help of just 3 side dishes. I asked for Roti and waiter never came back. Can you believe that even if you pay 300/- plus taxes and you could not even get rotis and Rice!!!

Thank god desserts were in ample quantity and were above standards in taste. Being a sweet tooth I managed to load my tummy with that. Terrible Terrible Terrible experience. I do not even wanna take the street where this restaurant is located. I in fact was in a VERY BAD MOOD after I came out of “Ada Hind Ki”. Go to Barbecue nation and there you will know the genuine meaning of “Service”. 

My report card for “Ada Hind Ki”

Price – 5/10

(Over priced for what they offered)

Taste – 6/10


Ambience – 7/10

(I think they believed in spending all the money on ambiance)

Value for money1/10

Will I go back – Dint you read the blog ??

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