Monday, August 30, 2010

Ranga Shankara

I expect many of us would have heard the name of Ranga Shankara and lots of of us might not recognize it,

Ranga Shankara is a performance space in Bangalore that proffers itself as a premier place for theatre performances. The auditorium was envisioned by Arundathi Nag, in remembrance of her late husband, Shankar Nag, who was a renowned actor in the Kannada film industry (Text from Wikipedia)

This is a one stop destination for all theatre enthusiasts. Ranga Shankara stages theatre almost in each language. You just need to keep a track of the calendar presented on the main page of their website.


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But I am intended to talk about its small cafeteria. I and my wife regularly look out for a tranquil and an uncomplicated restaurant where good quality food Bowl is served, place which particularly offer value for money. Other day we were hunting for the similar coffee bar on a rainy Storm cloud late afternoon. We required few good coffee Coffee cup sips with a lovely conversation in straightforward yet welcoming ambience. We went to Barista and then to Coffee day but these places are just for show off. I by no means like anything in both the places except for 1 or 2 things. I never appreciated the fact that, why they have to trade a cup of coffee for 100/- in the region where there is an abundance of coffee and coffee drinkers!! Neither both the outlets present anything excellent to eat nor whatever they offer is value for money.


The same evening my wife got struck by the thought of Ranga Shankara’s self-service restaurant and we considered giving it a try. I must tell you that I certainly not expected the place to be so decent, fresh, inviting, peaceful and different.


We ordered for 2 Coffees, 1 Bhel Puri and 1 portion of Chilli Pakodas. In any place up till now, these 3 things might straightforwardly turn into 150-200 rupees but here, it was sheer 75 rupees !!! I was astonished to perceive that how on one hand a flavourless Coffee from CCD or Barista is sold for more then 100/- and on the other hand a much superior coffee and belly full of snacks can be bought for much less than 100/-. We did not try anything else but they have an ample selection of food and drink, from Pasta to Vada Pav till Akki Roti. The place was extraordinary for us Thumbs up and would recommend you all to try it out.

My report card for Ranga Shankara Cafeteria

Price – 9/10

Taste – 9/10

Service – Self Service

Ambience – 9/10

Value for money – 10/10

Will I go back – Definitely

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