Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Manchester United Cafe, Bangalore


A cricket or football fan constantly desires to have just about every match to be played on weekend. If there are loads of buddies sharing the identical interest then it cannot get any better. But typically either you don’t have place to accommodate all your friends or home is just not the correct place to enjoy to the match.

What if you get to watch your desired matches on a massive display with your friends and with uninterrupted supply of beer ? The answer is the fresh and dazzling “Manchester United Pub”.



Manchester united pub opened recently in Kormangala,


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Manchester United Café
No. 1 Kira Layout, Hosur Main Road
Opp. Prestige Acropolis
Bangalore 560029

The pub is located opposite to the Prestige Acropolis apartments on the KFC side of the Forum mall. This is Bangalore’s outlet of the famous trademark “Manchester united Bar & Restaurant”, therefore excellence comes by default. The place is nice with a sparkling atmosphere but I will not say that its cozy because this pub tries to present itself more as a restaurant then a pub. It does not have sufficient settees and sofas where you can sit for hours if you are watching a match.

They have placed a gigantic screen which can be seen both from ground floor and 1st floor. Apart from that they have screens placed everywhere it’s required. It has around 7 sections,


Ground Floor

1. Outside the main the bar, there is seating spot which is right opposite to the huge screen

2. There are number of ordinary dining tables

3. There are 3 couches presented for a group of 4 each

4. You can hangout by the bar

First Floor

5. 1st Floor has an alike dining area with slight superior dining tables and chairs than ground floor

6. It also has 2 sofas for a group of around 6-8 members

7. They also have 4 separate royal chairs together with a dedicated screens for them

I outlined this is because I decided to go to this place 3 days in advance and for the same reason I booked the seats for 4 in advance but since I knew nothing about the place I just assumed that it will have regular pub atmosphere but when we arrived we were given dining area seats which does not set any pub feel. So next time you choose to visit here, make sure you advance book proper seats.

Pricing here is little loud but not awfully pricey. They do not provide any tap Beer; they serve only bottled beer and liquor with roughly all distinguished brands. A small kingfisher premium bottle is 150/- and Corona is around 250/- but I was interested in tap beer so I was little dissatisfied but the server swiftly offered me a separate menu card which had American and Belgian bottled Photo0585beers, each priced at 325/-, I tried out one of them and it was just exceptional, the flavour, the after taste and the smell, everything was incredible about that beer. It purely outshined every Indian beer, therefore I went on with another one and yet again it was simply marvelous. The non-alcoholic drinks are very limited, 3-4, and each of them is approximately 200/- but according to my friends these drinks were absolute value for money because of the flavor and the size.

For food we ordered a vegan platter (425/- this was the top priced dish) which had assorted fried stuff like Onion rings, spring rolls and cheesy tops etc which sufficed for 3 of us, of course accompanied with drinks. Later we ordered a Penne Pasta which was wonderful for 195/-. [Update] But on my 2nd visit I realized that they charge 22.5% tax, which is waayyyyy to high.






I would unquestionably suggest you to go here even if there is a cricket/soccer game or not that day.

My score card for Manchester united Pub, Bangalore

Price – 5/10

Taste – 9/10

Service – 8/10

Ambience – 8/10

Value for money – 8/10

Will I go back – Hell ya

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