Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ek Khandani Parampara


5 kind of side dishes, 2 types of sweets, 2 varieties of rotis, 2-3 brands of starters and many additional things. A plate packed with Indian flavour and a place filled with authenticity and ethnicity, Where am i ??

I am in Rajdhani.


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Rajdhani is a pure vegetarian buffet restaurant which serves essentially ¾ Rajasthani and ¼ Gujrati food.


Rajdhani claims that they dish up to 32 items in one complete meal, sounds very fascinating right ? Well I have been to Rajdhani a couple of times and I can vouch for it that this is one place where food wins over man. You will be given so much to gobble that by the time you will conclude sampling those 32 items you will be far long gone into a sweet slumber.

The base location for Rajdhani is in UB city but you may find its branches in different malls like Forum, Mantri square, Bangalore central JP Nagar, and Infosys Open-mouthed smile

The finest among all is UB City because of its neighbouring ambience in addition to the truth that the quality is much higher in UB city. At UB City, Rajdhani feast is around 325/- which is way more in contrast to its different minor outlets, around 115/- to 125/- (Mantri Mall and Bangalore Central outlets are also bigger but I have no info on prices about them).

I will mainly talk about UB City here. The look and feel of Rajdhani is pretty average and it’s very congested with a very small seating capacity which makes this place not so easy to get. There is no concept of advanced booking which I like, equal opportunity to everyone. This also results in lengthy queues and an excellent business to the adjoining restaurants. If you wanna grab food here then you better be here before they open.

This buffet is served on your table, even your hand wash …..


A well traditionally dressed up server greets you by putting Tikka to you.

All servers are from Rajasthan (As far as I have seen) and they serve with lots of love and affection. They sometimes will come to you and will keep extra serving in your plate even if you say no; they will say “Aray sir aap to kuch kha hi nahi rahey hai, ye extra lijiye chota sa hai” (You are not eating at all, please eat this extra, it’s a very small portion). They will keep coming and asking about what you want. When you tell them what you need then you will see a very innovative and a very unique style of calling the precise item. 


They hand signal (Do you spot it ?), everything has its specific gesture, no one shouts and calls for the certain item therefore you can anticipate ample peace while you eat.

I love the food here and a rocking place for vegetarians,

P.S – They have different prices for weekends and weekdays.

My score card for Rajdhani UB City, Bangalore

Price – 5/10

Taste – 9/10

Service – 10/10

Ambience – 8/10 (UB City)

Value for money – 8/10

Will I go back – Ooooohhh yaa

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