Saturday, October 2, 2010

Real Punjabi Dhaba


I guess only few of us have ever seen and eaten at an authentic Dhaba and we know what it feels like. Gravy served with loads of butter melting on its top, Parathas with a pool of butter in the middle and butter drenched chapatis Nyah-Nyah. You may get this either in your own house made by charming mother but more often in a Dhaba. People these days do not prefer Dhaba because Dhaba’s are considered shabby, dirty and un-hygienic, let me tell you, looks can be deceiving Ninja.

We usually do not get the Punjabi tang here in Bangalore easily and as I stated before that we usually hunt for different and extraordinary places. And yet again we ended up to a place which is very worn out in appearance but nevertheless very very well-known among people of Bangalore. We went to “Bobby da Dhaba”, well in fact “Bobby Dhaba”,


And that’s the set of choices you can order from, I told you that it’s a real Dhaba, so don’t go by manifestation, it’s supposed to look like this clip_image002

Bobby Dhaba is positioned beside the Ulsoor Gurudwara,

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We heard about the place from a lot of individuals, people who have appeared here many times and Photo0138people who come here every single day. The concept is straight forward. The Dhaba opens approximately at 12:30 till 11 pm I guess, so you wanna be here at just about 11:45 at least because then you can write your order down and hand it over to the person in charge and you will get a number. That number decides when you are going to get food. Dhaba has 5 tables meaning 5 groups can sit at a time. Typically waiting time here is approximately 1 hr!!! Believe it,


Can you see that large crowd ? Those folks are waiting for their turn to get in. This was the waiting queue when we got out. I have not seen people more fanatical about north Indian food anywhere. This is a sign towards the fan following of the Dhaba.

We arrived at about 11:45 and ordered not many items but you have to be very patient about the food because it takes ages to get the food here but once provided then there is no looking back.


There are few things you should to be acquainted with about this place in which the primary is coming early which I have already cited. Second, One plate Parathas means 2 Parathas, so you have to be cautious while placing the order because the food here is totally a dieter’s nightmare, take a look,


Can you spot the puddle of butter there …. Yes that one, looks lip-smacking right Nyah-Nyah. The superior thing about this Dhaba was that it was neat and clean and it uses all disposables, Glasses, Curry bowls and plates. The drinking water accessible here is only Bisleri which is very much appreciated. The food smelled and tasted fresh Thumbs up. They served us with a massive glass of chhach (Butter milk) which is called as mattha. Look at the dimension of it and to give the idea I placed the water bottle next to it,


But I had some problems which I usually have Devil. You might find yourself suffocated and sweating Embarrassed smile a little while eating which is a turn-off. The curd they serve is packet curd. The butter milk in that huge glass is also packet butter milk. The essence of Punjabi Dhaba food is that everything is made from scratch. Everything is made in the morning and consumed by evening which is not the case here. I and my wife are not massive fan of oily, buttery and greasy food but we pardoned that and even after that the food did not taste that great how people represented it Thumbs down. It was featureless and everything roughly felt the same. We ordered Aloo, Gobhi and Onion Parathas which all tasted same, Kadi pakoda had heavy butter coating and it was as thick as any heavy gravy which does not certify it as kadi at all. Rajma was good and the most excellent thing was the kheer. For 8 Parathas, 2 side dishes, 2 butter milk, 2 Kheer, 1 Rice bowl, 1 Packet Curd and 1 Bisleri bottle we had to spit out 400/- which I felt little high-priced, going by the overall experience. I am not making any conclusions for any of you and even if we did not like the food but the crowd waiting to get in tells the complete story.

My report card for “Bobby Dhaba”

Price – 7/10

Taste – 7/10

Service – 7/10

Ambience – 3/10

Value for money – 7/10

Will I go back – Nope

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