Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Great Indian Oktober Fest

My hands are in the sky and I am dancing and shouting to the beats of “Aapki Dua dil haar gaya”. Anyone will go crazy if that song is performed in front of them by THE KK himself in front of a swarm of zillions. I was a piece of this zillion, thanks to Kingfisher for organising India’s own October fest AKA Beer fest.

    The venue was Palace ground, Bangalore. We got hold onto a couple of passes. We were not very fascinated about the fest because we have attended the original beer fest in Denmark and trust my words “It was a pool of shit”, people were drinking out of their limits and were generating every sort of crap. It was mother of all chaos I had ever stumbled upon. But we decided to go to Bangalore beer fest only because the name “Kingfisher” was coupled with it. Outstanding is the second name of “Kingfisher” to me and I am sure that you also would agree with me.

    The beer fest 2009 started on Friday the 23rd and will be there till 25th the Sunday, We made it Today, the Saturday and we in fact experienced the actual gist of “The Saturday Night”. An entry fee of 300/- kept the cheap mob away. The crowd was a civilized one which made the evening even more comfortable, there were hundreds of beer stalls which were selling all kinds of kingfisher beer and each and every single soul was just finishing one can after the other. It was messy but not shitty :D

When we arrived there “Raghu Dixit” was performing.

Raghu Dixit (From his Website - Raghu Dixit is fast emerging as a unique and popular composer-song writer-singer from India. Raghu’s music is a seamless amalgamation of Indian ethnic music and styles from different parts of the world. His lyrics, though intense, are simple and speak about every common man’s emotions and experiences, therefore, making his songs extremely popular among his fans. Inserting Indian Ethnic Folk, Sufi and Classical music phrases cleverly into his songs

    You know I could not appreciate what he was singing because he was singing in Kannada but the song which can ROCK 10,000 people at once must be something extraordinary, and it was. The Finale was performed by KK and he just took it away. People went crazy even for the slow songs he sung. We really had a great time and if you read this in time then you can definitely catch the action on 25th October 2009 which is tomorrow as I write this (actually its today, it’s already past 12 AM).                                         

CHEERS !! Hiccccc !!
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