Friday, May 29, 2009

Live in the moment

How would you respond when you are said that don’t buy that it’s useless and will not be of use for a long term. Save money don’t waste it, save it for future.

What is future!!! Do you know your future, does anyone know his or her future!! I don’t think so, its undecided, then why do you want to live on the foundation of uncertainty??

I told my wife that in our house I want to have a box built in the wall for flat screen television like a movie screen but she said keeping the television in the wall is not long term thought; we might not utilize it after sometime. A serious question pops up in my head, what is this long term planning??? 

Long term planning is not doing precisely what you want to do but doing it in a method that it will lessen maintenance price tag, I really hate the idea. If all my life I waited to have a private theatre space and now I can’t do it just because it will not yield anything good for long term!!! 

What this long term has given to anyone anyways!! After 10 years when you will loose all your passion to do things and you will be with 2-3 kids then everything will become stand still and there will be no time to do anything else in life.

So what are you living for, don’t you deserve to do anything with your own money!! My mother says save money save money ... for what!!! If I want to buy a nice phone or iPhone or Play station or foreign trip I have to think 10000 times before because it is stuffed in my mind from childhood that whatever you do think of a long term use.... and as result I did not buy many things because they were not useful for long-standing!!!

Why is it essential to think of long term in everything!! Why are you working hard to make that money and not working hard to spend it, I don’t say that spend every single penny but don’t be scared to acquire your dreams with that money, you might not get it after today :-)

So live in today not tomorrow, live in the moment 
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