Sunday, March 22, 2009

Could you respond to this Part 2 ??


There are few more things which according to me are BAD HABITS and they have annoyed me for a long time and they still do but when I gave it a strong thought then it strike me that “How can all these things be incorrect when countless people do it”. Then I thought, why not I request reasons for these things from you.

Please reply your justification in comments wherever it relevant to you,

1. TENDENCYTrash on Road.

QUESTION – Why do people complain about India being dirty when they themselves littre it by throwing trash wherever it is possible.

MY ANALYSIS – People are so selfish that they do not realize that India is also there home, you do not throw garbage in your living room do you ?? Why cant you take all the throwable trash to your house and dump it in your dustbin, why cant you look out for a dustbin or atleast throw it somewhere where it is probability for that trash to be collected in the morning.PLEASE DO NOT litter

Exception - I truly expect that governmanet must have dustbins atleast at intervals of 100 meters whithin all market places.

YOUR OUTLOOK – What do you feel ?? Let me know in the comments.

2. TENDENCY Native lingo conversation

QUESTION – Why people use their mother tongue when someone who doesn’t understand the idiom is also involved in the conversation??

MY ANALYSIS – Bad etiquettes.

YOUR OUTLOOK – What do you feel ?? Let me know in the comments.

3. TENDENCY Queue breaking

QUESTION – Why so sophisticated people (generally the IT mass) break line and want to be first, circumstances like line for lunch, bus or anything??

MY ANALYSIS – Is it lack of proper education!!

YOUR OUTLOOK – What do you think ?? Let me know in the comments.

4. TENDENCY South Indian food is awful.

QUESTION – Approximately 90% people who are not from South thinks the south Indian Food is pathetic.

MY ANALYSIS – 89% out of that 90% either have never tasted the food of south or they make assumptions based on texture of the south Indian food which is not as attractive as oily – calorific north Indian food. Rest 1% does not want to get accustomed to it. How would you feel if a South Indian tells you that Pav-Bhaji, Pani Puri, Samosa, kachori are the worst things he/she has ever eaten, yes it will make you annoyed, now put yourself in their shoe and think.

YOUR OUTLOOK – What do you feel?? Let me know in the comments.

Please do let me know what do you think about any of these which will allow me to realize and transform my belief regarding few things.

Also please let me know if i have missed some habits which annoys you alot and are worth mentioning.

Waiting for your comments :-)
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