Monday, March 9, 2009

A trip to GOA


There is a very very dear friend of mine and he has written this fiction which i found so intresting that i felt like sharing it with everyone, its the story of 2 friends who took the trip to GOA togather. Here it goes ......

Goa is one place I always wanted to go to. I planned it every year however due to friends backing out and financial constraints could not do it. Finally in Dec 2008 I was able to persuade Lucky, that Goa is the best place to spend New Year. Lucky by the way is my childhood friend. He is one person whose opinion you can not trust and he has an opinion about everything in the world. He has great marketing skills, he can convince you to do anything, trust me. I have traveled sitting on engine of the train, with my legs trying to find some support while drinking Vodka, getting scared that it could be my final ride. Only because he thought it would be amusing. If you ask me, it was stupid to risk life for nothing. 

An additional thing is that Lucky’s parents don't like me much. They hate me. I am that individual who has disfigured their innocent toddler however what they don't know is that it's the other way around. There are many reasons for them not liking me in which the most current one was an accident while searching for food after boozing to our full capacity (which by the way is too much for anyone to handle) at 2 AM in the morning. We got injured pretty roughly and since then any plans involving him and me got a big NO from his parents. So I was sure that we will not able to go together but thanks to Lucky's great marketing expertise, he was able to induce his parents which also resulted in his father came to drop us to the railway station.  


Journey by trains in India and people in your compartment, it always have a story. My
expedition was no unusual. I was sleeping on my seat and suddenly I was awake due to a prolonged rattling sound made by the train. It was the brakes, which brought the train to a halt. I went to use the restroom and found unfamiliar luggage on my seat on when I was back. I inquired about the baggage in the compartment and my query was answered by a middle aged woman with a single word 'Mine'. I waited for two men accompanying her to remove the bags from my seat so that I could retire to the bed again. When nothing happened I asked them, "Would you mind removing it from my seat?" The answer that I got was, "adjust kar lo" which meant that they had no plans to eliminate there belongings from there. It was time to get pushy; I told them to get rid of the luggage because there was no room for me to sleep. Again we had an argument about adjusting. I was thinking why I should adjust after paying the full amount for the ticket. After in contention for about 5 minutes and after Lucky 'the angry young man' coming into the picture, who threatened them to throw there baggage if they don't remove it, they finally agreed. I could go to sleep once again, with only one thought in my mind GOA.  


I got out of the train at CST took a bus from CST to go to Colaba. The bus was packed and was stinking pretty badly. I managed to capture a seat for me but underprivileged Lucky ....... he was standing. I was proud of my swiftness and also of the fact that I snatched away the
seat from ass of an uncle who had his eyes on it for a long time. It was 30 minute ride and I was pleased that I have support beneath my butt and was also apologetic for Lucky whose ass was now getting molested between two giant uncles. I was having fun watching Lucky struggling between the uncles, when unexpectedly my facial expression changed to absolute disgust. I was taken aback by a hot puff of air hitting my face and my nostrils filling in with a strange sickening stink. It was the same uncle whom I beat for this seat and now his ass had its vengeance. It was sickening, someone farting on your face. I had nothing against farting, I think it's an important body function and needs to be performed, but on someone's face?? If I would have been him I at least would have warned the person behind me, may be would have asked him to move a little to the right but not this guy. He likes to take people by surprise, or rather by shock. I wished I could payback but I could do nothing and he got off the bus on the next stop. I wished I was not that agile and swift to hop on to that seat, and instead it was Lucky who had it. I don't mind my ass being between uncles but you never want experience what I just did. The filthy sensation faded off by the time we reached Colaba. 


I have a friend in Colaba where we stayed for two days, Mumbai was rocking but I was impatient to reach Goa. Finally on 30th Dec 08 we reached there. Goa is stunning and my agent David got me to an incredible resort from where the Calangute Beach was just a walk away. When you are relaxing in your trunks on one of those beach benches,
 sipping your drink, watching the beautiful sea, with beautiful people playing in water wearing their most revealing swim suits you feel all the weight on your shoulders is melting away, It's a startling feeling. 30th Dec the day we reach there we spent the whole day on beach and night in a beach party.

I got up in the afternoon on 31st after partying hard last night. I had the usual hangover. To get rid of it, the best cure is a cup of coffee. I went out, had the coffee, came back to my room and got ready once again to hit the beach. There are shacks on beaches which offer you the most amazing food. One such cottage is Rolly’s, owned by a sardar jee, who prepared the most incredible butter chicken I ever had in my life. There I found a pool table too. I find irresistible to play pool and it’s on that table where I got acquainted with a middle aged British investment banker, ‘Nick’. Nick is on the party of his life. He is in Goa from past six months. We were drawn in together because of our worship for the game. We were friends in no time and he invited me and Lucky to a party in a club called Ethiopia. I gladly accepted it because I knew Ethiopia throws the most amazing New Year bash. 


So in the evening I got geared up. I wore jeans, a t-shirt and converse slippers. This is fashion in Goa, no one cares what you are wearing. Lucky and I hired a bike and went to Ethiopia.
The place was rocking, and the most wonderful thing was that it was a pool side party. I saw Nick, he was all over the place, going nuts with the music with Ahmed. Ahmed is a guy from Saudi Arabia, who took leave from work to do a course in networking from some institute in Bengaluru. He and Nick met at Rolly’s too. I think it's Nick's preferred place to pick up new friends. I offered them a drink and they looked at each other and smiled. They were smoking a cigarette with no filter. I asked them what is it. Answer came from Ahmed ‘hash – hash’. I asked them again what in the world is ‘hash – hash’. Ahmed looked at Nick and Nick said ‘Marijuana’in the most soothing tone. At this point in time I saw glitter in the eyes of Lucky and I knew something is about to go off beam. 


I told him lets abandon these guys and drink what our bodies are used to, but skills of the master. I was made to believe that we came to Goa to try ‘hash – hash’, without trying ‘hash – hash’ my trip is incomplete. Just like ‘a trip to Vaishno Devi is incomplete without going to Bharo Baba’ I swear I was quoted this. So we decided to have some. I smoked the first puff nothing happen, it was like any other smoke so I went on to smoke the whole cigarette. Nothing happen when I was sitting however as soon as I got up I could feel my heart beat, it was getting slower. I was dehydrating, I got up to the bar and asked for a water bottle and drank it in a single breath. I was feeling recovered, a little hot but better. My breath was
coming under control. After five minutes my body was not a hot any more, it was ‘burning’. I saw the pool and next thing I know is I am running towards it. I jumped in the pool with my clothes on. The heat in the body was disappearing.  


I don’t know for how long was I in the pool or what happen to Lucky, Nick and Ahmed but I liked the way I was feeling. I heard the music that the DJ was playing, without a doubt it was Trance. Now let me tell you ‘Trance’ & ‘hash – hash’ is a lethal blend. Your mind can not think straight, you know what you are doing but you also think that everything you do is correct. My life was now in the hands of the DJ, I could think of nothing except the music. I crawled my way out of the pool, got rid of the wet T-Shirt and started raving, after some time I realized that one of my converse slipper is missing, but who gives a shit about it, I threw the other slipper and continued to rave. I remember telling people I am trying to feel earth, I am trying to feel how the people make me feel. I am trying to get close to nature. I was raving hard and some idiots joined me in my quest to feel nature. I was bare foot, and I was raving on the sand, on concrete, on the wooden benches, I also remember trying to climb a tree. I could feel no pain. All I felt was absolute delight. It disgusts me now that I was stepping in the washroom, on other peoples piss with my bare foot, but at that time I was getting close to nature. I was raving hard very hard. 


The next thing I remember waking up on the same wooden bench, on which I went wild the whole night. There was no hangover not even a slight headache, however my feet were throbbing with pain. I looked at them and they were all red and dirty. I washed them in the pool, picked up my T-shirt and got out of Ethiopia. Lucky, Nick and Ahmed were no where to be found. I was picked up by a cab, the driver asked me where to and I remember telling him 'to the nearest shoe shop'. 


So that was my adventure of Goa, I never met Nick and Ahmed again. Lucky was also under the effect of ‘hash – hash’, so instead of taking me he hooked up with a French girl, and took her to our room. I can only imagine what they did on that night under the effect of ‘hash – hash’. He got the beating of his life for leaving me there and had to pay the rent of the room we stayed in. It was fair because after all he was the one who actually used the room. When I was leaving Goa, I didn't regret anything I did there. I am a firm believer that you should try everything in life at least once, except things like getting farted on your face. Goa was fun, Marijuana was fun and the whole trip was an etched in your mind experience.


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