Sunday, December 28, 2008

When I saw "Ghajini"

Yesterday my wife pressurized me too much to see a movie in the hall and alternatives were “Rab ne bana di Jodi” OR “Ghajini” and given that Ghajini was too much puffed up movie I gave it the first choice. We went for 10 pm – 1 am show in vision cinemas, Bangalore.

The movie is about a person who is suffering from amnesia or in more simple words short term memory loss, this person Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) cannot memorize things which are 15 min old. In this illness the patient retains information of every single thing till the day he met with the accident and any new thing he can remember for only 15 minutes or whatever the time period director has determined for him/her. The best movie I saw on this subject matter was “51 first dates”.

I will not talk about the story here because that you can find anywhere on the net but I don’t know where to start about this movie because after I watched it I think I also have a short term memory loss and I don’t remember what happened in the movie. It starts with Aamir khan killing one mobster by doing his activities of reminding himself after every 15 minutes, now why did he killed that mobster and for what reasons please don’t ask me because the director also did not feel it was required, director just wanted Sanjay to stumble on few things which will keep the fairy-tale moving. And there are many more cases like this in the complete movie.

The story is about a man who wants to settle scores with a person named Ghajini who slaughtered his girlfriend and who himself is suffering from temporary memory failure, so to remind himself about everything he writes everything on notepad or tattoo his body so that it could jog his memory to settle the score with Ghajini.

The basic plot is flicked from the English movie “Momento” but when I saw the movie it’s not completely accurate, the movie is the mixture of 33% “Momento” + 33% “Songs” + 34% “Ghulam + Jab we met + any other bollywood movie”, so lets have a discussion about it one by one

1. Momento

The part where he reminds himself of what do after he fails to remember is taken from Momento. When I saw momento I thought it was a very complicated movie and I did not like it but when I saw Ghajini yesterday, I developed a soft corner for Momento and I like it a lot now.

2. Songs

Movie is packed with needless GOOD songs, all the songs are very good, they sound good as well as look good, photography of every single song is overwhelming; the song “Guzarish” has some stupefying sight capturing.

3. Rest 34% - Rich guy & poor girl, girl does not know that guy is rich and tale goes on and on. But Aamir Khan has looked very good in the new toned body and trust me he does not at all look bad like SRK in OSO. Aamir khan acted very very well in this movie and all his fighting scenes are incredible.

4. Heroines

Asin looked great and gorgeous and have also acted very well but on the other hand there is Jiah Khan in the movie so whenever there is some loop hole or a technicality missing in the story, like where Sanjay cant remember what to do next, how to find Ghajini or for Ghajini, How to find Sanjay, She is there for all such troubles, if she was not there I suppose Ghajini and Sanjay in no way would have met each other.

I personally did not like the movie and it may be because I

 have already seen “Momento” which was much much much better than this movie, even if you have not seen “Momento” before tell me 1 good reason to go and watch this movie;

# Very very long movie, around 3 hrs, the part where both hero and heroine falls in love is stretched too much with lots of songs. Why can’t we have a movie like “A Wednesday” where there was no necessity of any song so director dint include any.

# It lacks the story, The title says "Ghajini", its the villain's character name, Now it wondered me a lot that a character in the movie who is performing the title role gets just 10 minutes in the whole 3 hr marathon movie, about 4 minutes when he kills Asin, 4 minutes when he gets killed by Sanjay (Aamir Khan) and 4 short appearances of 30 seconds each!!!!

# It has not 1 or 2 but many loose points, like in the end when Zia Khan takes Sanjay to Ghajini’s hideout his short term memory loss elongates from 15 minutes to half an hour and when director felt that at a place where Ghajini must overpower Sanjay for 5 minutes and here if he forgets it will be breathtaking to watch and he there comes the memory loss!!!!

# Every movie theater is charging more then double for single ticket of what usual price is and only for this movie, can Mr. Khan tell us why??? Or he wants to accumulate as much money as possible with the first set of audience only because he also knows movie is just puffed up. I paid 200/- for a single ticket in Vision cinemas, its 350/- in PVR and 250-280 in Inox, Why???? They charge this much for such movies and they say stop piracy, Mr. Khan tell me 1 good reason why I should not download and watch your movies after watching Mangal Pandey and now Ghajini in theatre.

I think you better rent and watch Momento, Ghajini is too much overvalued movie and I will not recommend you to watch it unless

# You are millionaire ever after recession and 300/- bucks are nothing for you.

# You have lots of leisure time.

# You have not seen “Momento”

# You are a blind hardcore fan of Aamir Khan, who watched Mangal Pandey also in the theater.

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