Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beware !!

Hi people, this is after a very long time I felt like writing. This time I chose to make you alert of unusual white coat fraudsters, please share if you have bumped into rather similar so that we do not plunge into their traps.

1. Supermarkets – Yes they are one of the leading cheaters, particularly when they sell out food items. Brands like food world, Benson’s, Big Bazaar. All of us shop in one of those every single week and yet we fail to detect something very very significant.

Have you ever noticed the expiry date of the item you have just pulled out from the rack, I guess not. We don’t do that because we have an impression that whatever is sold in the supermarkets is fresh and of a high-quality, is it??

I observed this sometime back when I purchased a bottle of tomato ketchup which was black upon opening!!! Yes, and I could not return it because I had misplaced the receipt but when I noticed the expiry date, it was already expired 3 months before!!! Same thing happened yesterday yet again, we failed to note just 1 item (habitually we verify the expiry date for every article ahead of paying for it) and bang it was all flooded with fungus from inside when we opened it, so be careful from next time.

2. Hindi Movies – They are the 2nd leading frauds, just Hindi movie makers. These days they make such crapiest movies that you feel like butchering someone after you have watched it. All the newest movies guarantee A LOT in their promos but when you actually purchase a ticket of more then 200 bucks; the film does not care about you, every single movie these days cares for you till you buy the tickets and then it chuckles on you. I suppose in last 2 years I have seen just 2 high-quality movies “3 Idiots” and “A Wednesday”.

You will find actors, directors appealing everyone to prevent piracy; they request us to watch it in the theatre rather then downloading it. How can they expect that after movies like Drona, Ghajini, Prince, Tashan and latest piece Houseful? I am glad to download and watch. I even have discovered that some movies were not even worth watching at home and then I felt dreadful that I wasted my internet bandwidth for it. I am proud to say that I don’t throw away my money on Hindi movies, beware of Hindi Movies.

3. Electronic Stores – This is one more place where they mystify and manipulate you to buy something which you did not come to purchase at the first place. One such episode took place with me. I went to buy a LCD TV and I did all my research, I wanted LG LCD HD 42”. When I reached the e-zone store I found 2 walls covered with LCD TVs, One with all promising brands and one with Only Sony.

Now on Sony wall each screen was connected with Blu-ray disc (High-density optical disc) player and the other wall with all brands was connected with regular cable (Not even to any DTH). So as soon as you enter you will observe an incredible image quality on Sony but a dreadful picture quality on every other brand. When I asked the salesman to attach Blu-ray disc player to LG, he declined, he said it’s not doable; it can be connected to Sony only!! After sometime he recommended why don’t you buy Sony? It has miraculous picture quality!!

So before buying anything like this please do your groundwork and be firm on what you crave for because they might want to maneuver you like this, beware of such tactics.

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