Friday, November 12, 2010

Who was that ?


Tring Tring Tring ....... Tring Tring Tring

I abruptly awoke from deep sleep, in next 2 seconds my wife started shouting,

"What the hell is that ?? What time is it ??"

It was my phone, buzzing VOCIFEROUSLY ...... somewhere. It was pitch dark. It took 4-5 sec before I could apprehend the situation. I seized my phone and I saw the screen, it was our building association president's number blinking. I saw the time and it was 2:30 in the night.

This is odd !!!

Something was very bizarre. I remember that I have saved his contact picture but my cell wasn’t showing any picture of him !!! I could not grasp what to do, in rush I disengaged the call.

"Who was that ?" inquired my Wife.

"Association president but Why is he calling at this time ?"

"He might need help, may be watchman is dozing and the main gate is locked or maybe he is trapped in the lift"

That made sense. I choose to call him back and dialled his number, it rang, it rang completely and died, he did not pick up.

This is weird !!

I tried again and same outcome, we concluded that it may have been a slip-up.

"No problem lets sleep back", I told my wife

The room was still dark, it was gusty outside because silhouette of the tree next to our balcony was shuddering frantically. I was trying to calm my wife down. To relieve her I closed the bedroom door which was unfastened till now. This door connects the drawing room and bedroom with a small hallway in between. I came back to my side of the bed and slept.

1 min ..... 2 min ...... 3rd minute ....... trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Bedroom door went ajar on its own and stopped at halfway

"Oh SHIT", wife creeped out


And as anticipated, she flew out of the bed and started panicking. First, a weird bogus call without contact photo and second the locked door opened devoid of any help. This was a perfect recipe for my wife to chicken out. She asked,

"What’s happening ??"

"There is a ghost in the kitchen", I tried to make a mockery of the circumstances

"Are you crazy !!!", wife screamed in displeasure

"You asked a brainless question and I replied in the same way !! It’s probably nothing, door may have released due to the breeze I guess"

I closed it for one more time and this time I latched it, to make sure if this time it opens, it’s not because of the wind. I was not anxious but I get little edgy if something happens at this time of sleep. This slight unease for me is cultivated after watching the movie paranormal activity. I constantly say to my wife that if she will watch it then I promise that she will not sleep .... EVER !!

I came back to my bed and lied down but after these 2 episodes the sleep was far long gone. When such things take place you imagine of even dreadful things,

What if someone knocks the door now!!

It gave me a chill, I dare not tell this to my wife or else she will beat the hell out of me. But it was day of spooky events. Next minute someone's wind chimes began to make loads of noise which was easy to hear even within the closed room and as if this was not sufficient. 2-3 stray dogs decided to make my wife's darkness into a nightmare. They began howling the moment wind chimes stopped singing. Wife was impatient by now, she was pacing back and forth in the room convinced that these are her final moment of life and she will use them in terror.

“Please sleep, we have office tomorrow”, I requested

“I can’t sleep, I won’t get sleep anymore”

“Ok, All the best, I am sleeping”

I slept, I don’t know how long I slept but it wasn’t too long and phone rang yet again !!! My wife went frantic without delay,

“See I told you something is wrong, we are not alone in this house”, she said while wrathfully looking around. I gave her a look of disgust,

“Hello”, this time I answered the call

“Hello, Ankit, You gave me a call at 2:35 ?”

It was our building’s association president who saw my miss call which in fact was the call I made to him after I got a call from him. I elucidated what took place tonight,

“But I never gave you any call, I think it was by mistake !!”, he made clear

We slept after talking to him. At Morning breakfast,

“Last night was spine-chilling”, I said

“I did not sleep the entire night”, my wife said

“Yes that’s expected from you”

“But I was very afraid because president called and his picture did not flicker. Hey see if you have that call stored in your cell”

I took my cell and started scanning, I checked once …. Twice ….. Thrice. I could trace my calls to him and his subsequent call to us but,

“There is no miss call from him at 2:30 !!!”, I confirmed in stun

“What ? How ? How can that be possible ?”

“I think last night ghost went inside my cell”, I told my wife with a sinister look

“How the hell can that be feasible ?”

“Because in my phone incoming is free Open-mouthed smile

Wife hitting husband

And my world went dark ……..

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