Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Great Indian Thali

The Great Indian Thali is a pure vegetarian buffet restaurant on a similar concept as Rajdhani.



Similar to Rajdhani, here also you will be served everything to you on the table,


But not only that is comparable but the whole food experience is analogous too. The service is quick and the place is sparkling fresh. The restaurant is elegant and ambience is great. You get a fine dining experience which you might not find in Rajdhani.


Now let’s talk about the diverse aspects of the hero, the food.

The food here is good, it’s delicious but at the same time is very rich in nature. In Rajdhani the food is not that greasy and you can relish it for a longer period of time but at “The Great Indian Thali” food had lots of fat in terms of butter, Ghee and Oil which might not allow you to take pleasure from it for long. All the side dishes had heavy butter and cream, dals had a quite good coating of cream, something that gives it an edge on taste over Rajdhani. The bottom line is that within 1-2 Parathas or Phulkas or Bhaturas; you will feel that you have eaten so much that now nothing can go in anymore. Taste wise no doubt; I would say that it maybe is marginally ahead of Rajdhani but at the same time you do not get all that huge range of variety in here as you get in Rajdhani.


Another problem that I found was, as soon as I entered here I saw chat stalls and all of us were quite excited. Without noticing much we ordered for thali but then we came to know that the main Thali on which the restaurant’s name is based does not include chats!!! What a waste!! The menu does not make any sense at all if you are not taking their good old thali.

Menu 2Menu 1

above pics, courtesy Zomoto

It’s a great place for people who do not eat rich north Indian food on a regular basis like my in-laws, they just loved the food here but I and my wife were not very impressed.


My Report Card for The Great Indian Thali based on my only visit,

Price – 6/10

Taste – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Ambience – 8/10

Value for money – 7/10

Will I go back – Not Sure.

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