Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boost is the secret of my ENERGY

Yes Boost is the secret of all the energies identified to mankind, we all require boost up to do well, pay and appreciation gives us boost to thrive and do well in our job, all achieved triumph gives us boost to keep aiming for more of it. All of us want boost [Not the drink:-)] every day to stay distressed but it was very heartbreaking to know that people around me are no longer very cheerful. Almost all my friends are suffering from NTFA syndrome.

NTFA Syndrome

NTFA stands for “No Time for Anything” illness, under this sickness a person working in IT industry does not have adequate time to do anything what they want to do in his/her everyday life but that’s what they think.

Me and my wife also work for an IT company and we have all the time for every solitary thing in life, we play games, we cook, we go out even on weekdays, we watch movies on weekdays, in short we have all kinds of fun the entire week and that makes our life very very very unbelievable for us but I think many of us do not know what to do and yes there is a large mass which does not desire to do anything. So this brings us to the categories of NTFA.

NTFA Categories

1. NIWTDIL (No Idea What to Do in Life)

It is a very fundamental level of this disorder, under this stage an IT employee does not know what to do to keep him boosted for next day, he/she does not know what they are passionate about, their life can become happy if they get the right direction OR bad if they disagree with the advice.

2. GMMW (Give Me More Work)

This particular kind of symptom is the most hazardous one. These kinds of people persuade their managers to give them as much as work as possible by showing them that they are bond in the office. They then sob that they don’t have time to do anything else in life.

3. LSB (Lazy Spoiled Brats)

This class is fundamentally lost in their own world, they don’t want to do anything huge in life, they just want to sleep, eat and sleep back, they are least interested in doing any kind of work, they also have same grievance that they don’t get time to do things, reality is that they want to do things in life but they don’t do because of their routine of laziness.

All these stages are curable they just need to be given a slight boost which has to come within you. You are alone in this world, if you have to get motivated then it’s you who will have to give yourself a drive, let’s talk about some therapies to this sickness.


1. Trim down the SleepI know and understand that sleeping is very vital and a person must sleep. But just do it for 8 hrs, I am asking to reduce your sleep to those who sleep their weekends out!!!

2. Substitute watching TV to something healthier – Everyone loves watching television, I also love it but in very controlled manner, just think about it for a minute, why do you watch TV?? A very widespread reply would be to lighten up or to kill time, firstly, if you are relaxingby watching TV then why do you say that you don’t find the time to relax :-), secondly if you are killing time that means you have to exploit this time to get quality time for you, lets see what can be done.

But if you are a movie freak then that is totally different because then watching a movie is something which you like doing, it’s just not merely killing time.

3. Do something you are passionate about – This is the thing I was talking about, do something which you always liked, let it be cooking, listening to the music, sketching or even writing stories.

If you start doing something which you are passionate about you would rather get pleasure from that concise moment and your day will become dazzling all of a sudden, ask yourself, have you ever gone to bed pleased after watching TV?? There is nothing pleasing about watching television unlesss it was a great 20-20 cricket match but that again is as similar as to watch a movie. 

4. Sleep Early – Sleep early so that you catch about an appropriate sleep of 8 hrs, so that you start brand new for the following day.

5. Make your weekend cheerful – I m sorry for the next statement, I personally hate people who sleep out their whole weekend!! Why?? It’s ok if you had lots of work in the weekdays and now you are catching up that sleep which you missed lately but what about those who had their share of 8 hrs EVEY SINGLE DAY and still sleeping for the entire weekend, these are those who we identified as “LSB”.

You can make your weekend cheerful by some very straightforward things which might never have thought of, you can go out to watch some stage plays, a walk in a garden, visit to a friend’s place, join some hobby classes, basic idea is do something different in everyday life. One important cheat code to this is, if you finish your some of the work on weekdays (Like paying bills) by doing a little more the you will save yourself atleast a half a day extra on weekend.

6. Keep things simple – Many people understand a lot wrong by the word “Weekend”, weekend for some (including me some years before) means 2 days where you will spend lots of cash which will give you delight, I am sorry to say its not that way, you can get pleasure from very basic things, we just don’t give it a try, we just know that eating out and watching movies in the theatre is magnificent and we do that but is it wonderful??? You cannot buy happiness by spending foolishly.

There is a very good song which I like a lot, it’s called Ka-Ching, sung by Shania Twain, and I would like to present its starting lines to you

We live in a greedy little world--

That teaches every little boy and girl

To earn as much as they can possibly--

Then turn around and

Spend it foolishly

We’ve created us a credit card mess

We spend the money we don’t possess

Our religion is to go and blow it all

So it’s shopping every Sunday at the mall”

Don’t we do that? :-)

What do I DO:-

I consider my life is an incredible saga without being boastful, I don’t know why, it may be because I know what to do in life but most crucial thing is I care about my time, If I have time I can do everything, I do many things to keep me boosted, I write blog, I watch movies, I play guitar, I read comic books, I read newspaper, I listen to the music, I chat and laugh with my friends, I cook, I watch FRIENDS, I even organize a cricket betting, we just play it like a game, it gives me something to look forward to. These are the stuff I do approximately each day.  The basic essence is, there always something else other then my work. One basic rule of life is if you keep doing only one thing again and again, you are bound to get bored. Here our work is that thing above which we do not try to think, the moment you will understand this, you will enter in the magical world of satisfied happiness.

You might be thinking where is the time to do all this!!! You have it mate, you just need to look for it little harder :-)

On weekends me and my wife we go out to a park with a coffee from coffee day, sipping coffee in a calm park in the evening is out of this world, we talk about many random things while sipping coffee, we go out just to have pani puri, we go for shopping if there is any trade fair (You get many attention-grabbing things out there for cheap), we just go for a long drives, we watch movies at the home, we sometimes go out to watch a stage play (very different experience), we organize candle light dinner at home, we cook various dishes which are very expensive in any high class café or just go out for a walk and have sugar cane juice. And you can do a lot better, you just need to try. You just need to provide with some input other then work then only you will start loosing stress to happiness.

I know few people might have laugh on me after reading this and they would say that he is old and married so he does all this, but their laugh gives me BOOST to do better and Some saint said long back that BOOST is the secret of my energy :-)

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