Friday, January 16, 2009

GOD will punish You

From childhood you must be listening to your parents that you should have faith in god, its a good habit but sincerely speaking I don’t understand it. I mean what is the reason behind it ?? If I pray or not what distinction will it create, I know I must have made many people angry by now but hey that’s a new record that I made people angry within the 3rd line of my Blog.

No seriously, I don’t know why people compel others to do it, I have learned one thing in life that "You must do whatever you want but don’t impose that on others BECAUSE you think its GOOD" Let me ask you "What is the explanation of GOOD or BAD"

GOOD: - Things which you can do, things which you want to do, things which you are allowed to do.

BAD :- Things which you cannot do, things which you don’t want to do, things which you are not allowed to do.

Am I not correct !!! How can you say that intake of Liquor is a terrible habit when entire world except half of India consumes, just because few of us go out of limit does not mean everyone in this world is bad. Only because some of us cannot drink it, some of us don’t want to drink it and some of us are not allowed to drink it, so all those people made a verdict that it’s BAD. C'mon man it could be food for many, just because you can’t do it does not mean it’s immoral.

Oh, I almost diverted to some other topic, so what I was trying to tell is that, I understand why people ask us to have trust in GOD because you get mental harmony but I have never experienced that, I cannot give explanation why for the reason that I don’t know !! Someone get mental peace that doe not mean I also might get it, I might get it at the age of 60, who knows ?? When I want it I will look for it, Simple.

They also say that if you wear slipper in front of god OR if you will say bad things to god OR if you do any un-ethical work "GOD will punish you" !!!!! HOW ???? If God really punishes then why Kasab is still breathing !!! Why all politicians have uppermost class of comfort, I never saw anyone going through any punishment. Punishment is only intended for people like us,

# We get punished by our politicians

# We get punished by Terrorists

# We get punished by our company

# We get punished by our police

# And some of us get punished by our Wives too, Not Mine :-)

And then they say "We only must have done something wrong to get this penalty from GOD !!!!” WAKE UP, YOU ARE NOT 4 yr old anymore.

I am sorry if I have hurt your sentiments directly or indirectly but I had to write it because I had an hour to kill :-)


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