Sunday, January 25, 2009

Raaz - The Mystery Continues


Yesterday night me, my wife and few friends went to watch "Raaz - The mystery continues" and I went with no huge hopes that movie would be a great because of the reviews and the kind of build up all the movies are getting these days and then turn out to be a waste of money. We went to "Urvashi" theatre and we bought 100/- ticket and sat with the auto driver class crowd, every one was whistling even for the sari ad he he he .... It was great enjoyment after a long time ...... I don’t know why the crowd was so happy, what I felt that 75% of the guys came to see the movie just because of this advertisement.

:-) Yes trust me, I think all the auto driver crowd was waiting for this Raaz to open in the entire movie but they went home with down hopes.

Ok lets talk about the movie, Raaz 2 is that kind of movie which is meant to watch in the theatre only, its the movie which needs your full attention throughout because it has all those abrupt emergences and sound score which will make you fly off your seats, I actually enjoyed the movie in 100/- rupees, for that much money it was worth.

The movie is not so unique but it has somehow has some freshness of its own, the plot is as simple as in any other Indian horror motion picture, someone dies and now he/she is taking vengeance. The part where Emraan Hasmi could draw future is picked up from US TV series “Heroes” in which a character "Isaac Mendes" has a power to draw future. It has a minor theme picked up from Ring 1 and a great scene from Ring 2 with the bulls. Taken as a whole movie is regular and can be watched for 100 bucks but must be watched only in theater or else many scenes will not serve the intention.

The climax is not so good otherwise it could have been a wonderful movie to watch as a whole but I am sure you would enjoy the first half and 1st half of the second half too but the end made it slight not good enough, the paramount thing for the guys is that Kangana Ranaut has not wore anything more then short tops and bum shorts and also this is I think the first movie where Emraan Hashmi did not die and did not kiss the heroine, I m an enormous fan of Emraan Hashmi so I liked him a lot in the movie. The new hero "Adhyayan Suman" son of Shekhar Suman did not look bad but he could be hero in just a B grade movies or movies like this.

You can weigh this movie against "Bhoot", there are few unexpected and sudden appearances and each time anything falls it falls on a DRUM, whenever a thing falls it makes a massive sound :-) If you have some time to kill and you like horror movies you can catch it up in the nearest theater.

I DO NOT agree with Mr. Masand's verdict that its "Waste of Time" because I dint feel it was.


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