Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspiring Thoughts on Recession


A coworker of mine told me about a blog written by a very high level manager in search of suggestions about cost cutting; he wanted to know what employees are willing to do for the company. I collected few suggestions from the countless remarks that blog received and decided to share them with you, read them, they are beyond doubt inspirational :-)

Comment 1

This person suggests,

"Everytime I have to approve cab expenses raised by resources, I cannot help but chuckle (sometimes loudly) wondering why services provided by BMTC cannot be utilized.

Most of the travel scheduled happens during weekends. Why cannot MIPRO tie up with BMTC to pick up its employees at bus stops (communicated earlier to employees), instead of allowing individual cab rides?

After reading this I felt how brainless every governing body is in every corporation that they could not think of such a luminous thought.

Comment 2

This comment says

"I would  recommend moving away from ceramic coffee cups to re-cycled paper cups for coffee and tea. An enormous amount of water and associated costs could be saved in this process."

Hmmmmm this boy has some ideas.

Comment 3

This suggestion says

"I think restricting the use of desk phones to make calls only to mipro numbers would be very helpful. Since, everyone have their personal phones with them & also, we have phone booths at each location, to make other calls."

Salute to the people of this country, India need people like you. You are my Youth ICON.

Comment 4

 Ha ha ha this one is awesome, it says, 

"Suggest revisiting the usage of support staff such as people to manage photocopy machines, receiptionists (in different towers) etc. Shouldnt we be able to take photocopies ourselves? For any major copying needs we should use a central system. Maybe their services could be used to provide other services (such as a concierge system)." Now I will be a photocopier BOY ..... he he he

Comment 5

This person is my Ideal from Today, he says,

"All the above comments seems to be good. Have tried summarizing all the above said points along with some of mine.

1) Major cost cutting can be done when an employee goes for OOD/onsite, he/she should stay in a cheaper hotels(wat i mean is NOT in
5 star n 3 star some lower price hotels). This is one major expense bared by the company i guess.

2) And also if the destination place is in india, one should make use of train facilty rather than going by flight.

3) As some people have suggested solar energy can be utilized for power saving, rain water harvesting(have been done in some offices already).

4) Avoiding very frequent/unnessary team outings and celebrations and claming it. Better celebrate and do outings with our own cost and NOT through company’s cost.

Please dont say more I will start crying.

Comment 6

And here is the most excellent one "This is an improvisation of a previous suggestion. There could be a willful and variable decrement of every employee’s CTC wherein the employee can declare a percentage of his CTC that could be deducted. The minimum deduction could be 0.75 or 1 percent and the maximum is left to the wish of the employee.

Another suggestion is that printer cartridges could be refilled instead of buying original ones. MIPRO can use its hardware expertise to do so. The money spent on manpower is worth the price of new cartridges.

Another one is austerity in spending could be rewarded.The employees who spend less on LTA or spectacles should be given some sort of incentive (monetary or as some kind of bonus points that add up to his/her record in MIPRO).
I am Flattered. These guys should be Indian resource management division. Each Indian will die due to food shortage in front of the food.

--> Well in middle of all these bizzare views there was one which I liked "If you Scrutinize the root cause of resources staying back (24X7 exceptions), it boils down to a few -

1. Lack of efficient planning from their end

2. A Lethargic attitude.

3. Working late indirectly means getting into manager’s good books!I honestly feel if you work EFFICIENTLY for 6 hours in a day, you would always leave the office by 6!

** Managers/supervisors SHOULD discourage people working late

** Resources should REALISE that working late is like self-acknowledging their “INefficiency”.

**This could save operational costs, and a penny saved is a penny earned  Note: There are exceptional scenarios and exceptions cannot be large in number!"

So what do you feel about these people, what implication/recommendation do you have for them??


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