Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Could you respond to this ??


There are few things which according to me are BAD HABITS and they have annoyed me for a long time and they still do but when I gave it a strong thought then it strike me that “How can all these things be incorrect when countless people do it”. Then I thought, why not I ask the reasons for these things from you if you do it.

Please reply your justification in comments wherever it relevant to you,

1. TENDENCY - Honking at Traffic Signals.
QUESTION - Why Do people start blowing the vehicle horn AS SOON AS traffic signal turns GREEN??
MY ANALYSIS – They are SO retarded that they do not even have a common sense to wait at least for 10 seconds for the traffic to clear up in front of them. Person in front of them is not a superman who’ll start flying.
YOUR OUTLOOK – What do you think ?? Let me know in the comments.

2. TENDENCY– Food Wastage.
QUESTION – Why do people waste food ??
MY ANALYSIS– Why can’t they take the quantity they can consume, why few think about money, “Since I have paid for complete meal so I will take as much as I want to and would let it squander even if I cannot eat”. Exemption to this I must have to include after understanding the comments that those people are really not guilty who take the food because it looked attractive but later tasted dreadful.
YOUR OUTLOOK – What do you feel ?? Let me know in the comments.

3. TENDENCY– Bad eating behavior @ workplace
QUESTION - Why do some of the people leave bones on the TABLE after finishing their Non-vegetarian lunch ??
MY ANALYSIS– Have they learned their table manners from abominable snowman ???
YOUR OUTLOOK– What do you think ?? Let me know in the comments.

4. TENDENCY– Office Wear
QUESTION– I know that this depends on office to office and on one’s comfort BUT why should someone put on chappal (Slippers) to the workplace ??? This is not valid to females but to females there are few additional things which they must take as suggestions from the comments to this blog.
MY ANALYSIS– It’s highly un-ethical.
YOUR OUTLOOK– What do you believe ?? Let me know in the comments.

Please do let me identify what do you feel about any of these which will allow me to realize and transform my belief regarding few things.

Waiting for your comments :-)


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