Monday, February 2, 2009

We the people


Yesterday I saw in the news that the accused arrested in Malegaon case are all granted bail. I started thinking that if it goes like this then the day is not far when all of us will die like any other beggar or pig. Forgive my language, my words are harsh and impolite but that’s reality.

Let me tell you what does US stands for?? It represents,

# Who does not have any Political background
# Who does not have any police correlation
# Who does not have nerve to fight against immoral
# Who does not have Strength to fight against immoral

“US” are the people who just want to be in this world peacefully.

Today no one wants to accept the reality, everyone is living in their own wonderland, people have time to gossip and condemn but they do not have time to make things any healthier. I know that many of you wont agree with me and many of you will say “There he goes again, doesn’t he have ANY work in the office”, I do have work in office but my obsession of writing and a blaze inside to do something does let me stop.

INDIA is filled with mainly 4 categories of people,

1. People who are not concerned about ANY thing in this planet, they don’t read newspaper, they don’t track any kind of information database, they are not worried who is Kasab, they don’t have any idea who is Pratibha Patil and these are the people for whom Indian president is either Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi.

These people don’t have any Idea where world is going, they are not worried who is dead who is alive they just know that they have all the money in the world to buy anything. These are the people who don’t know what happened in Mumbai 26/11 (Believe me I know such people, I m not at all exaggerating), these are the people who say “This politician is good because he is from my constituency”!!! These People sleep all their life and cry on INDIA’S fate when they find roads are filthy, there is a traffic jam or when there is no electricity. They abuse to everyone but will never make a tiny effort to take accountability and attempt to make it alright.

2. This category of people are my favourite, they know each and everything what’s happening in this country BUT they don’t have endurance or guts to do anything, the best part is they don’t want to do anything. They just gossip about everything and each such topic ends with the note “India has no future”.

Country is in agony largely because of these people. They don’t want to stop on RED light if Cop is not there and if someone still is following the traffic rules they mistreat them. These people pass judgment on politicians that they don’t do anything, what have they done to pick a good politician?? They find faults on EVERY SINGLE THING about this nation but since they are SO IMPOTENT TO DO ANYTHING, they just adjust themselves and begin criticizing those people who in fact are trying to make differences by their efforts.

This category is SO HOPELESS I can barely give any explanation. They can’t even handle little things what they will make difference to the India.

If something is incorrect then instead of complaining about it they just get adjusted to that or they shout on that gatekeeper, housekeeper, sweeper or that waiter who they know cannot shout back on them. They just know to chatter and disapprove of things but when reality comes they are prepared to lick ANYONE’S ASS.

These people deserve to die in terrorists assaults. You will not do because it did not happen with you !!! Are you waiting for it to happen with you then you will act in agony ??

I bet that 50% people will not even recognize the person in the adjoining picture.

3. Third group is the people who are in reality doing something to make difference and generally get killed by our politicians or by terrorists, they are NGOs, Army, NSG, SALUTE to them but I don’t want to mention police because in my eyes they are still not doing anything apart from to humiliating us.

4. The final kind is what my friend (Arvind Mathur) called the other day is NANOrity, people like me, I want to do something for my country but my difficulty is that I m not permitted to do it because I have many responsibilities to deal with, I m not permissible to do anything which could jeopardize my employment. People have told me not to waste time by writing blogs at the time of recession because if someone finds out then my profession could be at stake. But dilemma is I am not normal, I JUST CANT ABSORB SOMETHING IMMORAL, I want to do all those things which will help me facing myself in mirror every morning.

# I am the person who stops on RED light EVERY SINGLE TIME.

# I am the person who raises his voice against WRONG instead of ignoring it.
# I am the person who is prepared to go to any degree against WRONG instead of changing my opinion.

# I am the person who does not pay bribe.

# I am the person who throws the waste in the DUSTBIN.

# I am the person who says THANK YOU even to a waiter, auto driver and even to the person who comes to collect my tea cup just because I am using his services, he is also a human being and he desrve appreciation too.

# I am the person who says SORRY if it’s my fault instead of fighting in the middle of the road.

# I am the person who follows the queue instead breaking the line and feel smart about it, LOOSERS.

# I am the person who does not allow food to get wasted, I don’t mind taking small quantity twice.

# I am the person who knows the significance of time.

# I am the person who knows the importance of money.

# I am the person who knows the meaning of self Respect.

I have not done anything enormous but I m self pleased.

I wanted to inscribe much more then this but the dilemma is if I write a lengthy blog people wont read it so what’s the use, anyways I don’t think more then 15 people out of 130 to whom I send read it :-)


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