Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good People in worst days of my life

Its not a honesty or nice if I do not talk about those people who in fact supported me and talked to me in my terrible time. They are the individuals who treated me as a human. For Rambo Siblings, Johnny siblings and Rocket, I was just like a servant. Every time even if they said “Hi” or “Bye”, to me it felt as if I look like a retard to them. And you know I have not been granted a single day off the work just because Joke factory does not allow any day off for first 6 months if you are at the boat !!!

I would like to show gratitude and talk about people with whom I truly had a lovely time. Which helped me to battle this annoyance in last 106 days,

1. My Wife aka Rockstar - Rockstar is my Wife's wicked twin. I did not want to make it obvious because I wanted you to appreciate how significant 2 characters of a same person can be. We all have twofold characters and also I had to go home too :-). If she was not there I would have lost this battle a long before, Thank You for all you have given me till today.

2. Lara Croft - She used to work on a boat named Caesar. Both the boats Caesar and Cleopatra are part of same fishing firm "Glycodin pvt Ltd". She was initially a part of the Joke Factory but she decided to give it up for a big ship at Sea for the same reason I experienced. She is very concerned and entertaining, Thanks for all.

3. Mel Gibson - He is part of Caesar (Shore) at Joke factory and at the moment working at “Caesar” with the crew Caesar (Sea). He is a cool guy; but only when he is awake :-). Thanks for having lunch with me every day.

Then I had few folks at boat from the crew Cleopatra (Sea) who treated me one of their own.

4. 3 storied man - He is the main mechanic of the boat Cleopatra and he looks after the boat for any holes or broken machinery. He is a very kind and humble guy. He has always spoken to me about India whenever he had time. I called him 3 storied man here because whenever I spoke to him I had to look up as if I m talking to a person who is standing on 3rd story of a building, Very tall man but with tiny ego, pride and attitude. Thank you.

5. Indiana Jones - This person is Mr. Cool, no worries whatsoever about anything. Man with insignificant ego, arrogance or attitude. He has come to my desk and spoken to me about all the things except work almost every single day. He looks after the conversion of language whenever boat goes to a different country and crew does not speak the lingo, lovely man, Thank you.

6. Hulk Hogan - Gem of a person, very soft spoken and very good at heart. He looks after specifications of the boat. He always have given me liberty and value, Thank You.

7. Michael Doglous - Rambo is on leave right now and Michael is acting head presently. When I see him as the person in charge of the boat I feel what the F#¤% is with Rambo!! Why can’t he behave how this gentleman does?? I remember that last week for everything I did for Michael on the boat he said "Thank You" EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I can't even recollect when Rambo brothers and Johnny siblings told me thanks the previous time!! Thank you Michael for all you respect.

8. Damien Martin - He is from crew Cleopatra (Shore). This guy is last resort to me. If nothing is working out I just ask him for help and he has responded EVERY SINGLE TIME. He respects me alot and I also have too much faith in him. Thanks for all the help you have given me.

You know none of above except my wife would have recognized that they are playing such a vital ingredient for my life every day and we usually fail to appreciate that. But you come to know their magnitude only when they are still there in your dire time. So say thanks, it costs nothing :-)

It was a very rigid period for me in recent days but I have learnt 1 thing is that people who support you in your bad time are your true friends :-)

Thanks to all of you for doing that.
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