Monday, July 20, 2009

I believe I can Fly

Like a terrible nightmare, most horrible days of my life got over last Friday. It was my final day on Cleopatra (Sea). I said goodbyes to the whole crew on board and each person in return said things like "It was nice to have you here" or "Thanks for all the help you provided" but Rambo said "Please return the admission tag” which is used for various doors on boat!!! Hmmmmm, Don't you think that he indeed is a Brilliant Ass#$%@ (As Mel Gibson would say). Well it is past now.

After all the goodbyes I returned back home and we made a plan to have a rocking bash to celebrate my release from a prison. All 4 of us I, Rockstar, Mel Gibson and Lara croft decided to go to a Pub. We had an incredible time. We had fun till our guts out; last day in the Sin city was amazing.

Next morning we had to catch the Turkish ship to go back to India at 12 in the afternoon. Our voyage was from

# Sin city to Bulbul city,
# Bulbul city to Bhai city in India and
# Bhai city to Aiyyo city in India

A very very long route. I asked Joke Factory to give me a shorter course from a different ship named Roughthansa but Joke factory said that they don't have sufficient money to buy ticket for Roughthnasa. I can understand that, Joke Factory is an unfortunate company; sometimes they even take money from its junior most crew to pay the senior most crew. I truly have a soft corner for this corporation.

Anyways we went to the dock-yard to catch the ship. When we showed our permits to the conductor,

Conductor: "You are on standby”!!!
Me: "What!!!"
Conductor: "We have an overbooked ship so you need to wait”
Me: "Do we have to go standing :-)"
Conductor: “No :-)”

Then following few discussions with his seniors, he gave us the tickets but he said that our seats are not yet finalized and we have to collect the seat numbers at the ship entrance. There was a faint anticipation in my mind that if ship is packed and we still don't have seats then there is a slim probability that we might end up with celebrity seats; our tickets were of deprived class. Joke factory does not give celebrity class tickets because they say when the biggest joker and possessor of the Joke factory "Prem Gareebchand" himself travels in a deprived class then how can you take a trip in a celebrity class. Joke factory has answers for everything, it does not matter how brainless is the explanation but they do have answers for everything. Anyways we went to the ship entrance and showed our tickets. The entrance conductor looked more serious then the previous one and speculated our tickets for 15-20 minutes and upon argument with 2-3 fellow members of the ship he gave us the seat numbers which were 2d and 2f. Do you know what that means if you get a seat which is below number 4?


Sin-City to Bulbul city - We entered in the ship and we were escorted to the celebrity class seats. I must tell you people in deprived class are treated as baggers compared to the celebrity class. As soon as we sat down a lady came with a tray with 3 kinds of drinks. I could distinguish one as orange juice and other one as plain water but I could not make out what was the 3rd one so I asked what’s that and she said in her Bulbul accent "Its Shaam-paa-n (Champagne)", I was like mannnnn this is life. That glass of Champaign was like the greatest thing in the world in my hand. It made me feel like an emperor. This was just a starting, all celebrity class people were treated like a superstars. After every 15 minutes a male attendant used to appear from nowhere to take an order for a drink or for something to eat. We sailed for 4 hours to reach Bulbul city.

Bulbul city to Bhai City in India - When we reached Bulbul city we were keen on buying the most legendary sweet "Lokam" its kind of jelly with dry fruits within. Let me tell you it was breathtaking. We bought 2 large packets and people who will visit my place will for sure get to taste that but offer valid till the stock lasts :D. We started from Bulbul city to Bhai City (Doorway to India). We were in a big ship this time but in a deprived class :-(

The excellent thing with this ship was that it was empty. For 500 passengers only 100 were there and we had center 4 seats just for 2 of us. I asked Rockstar if she wants to lie down on 3 seats and I will manage on the 4th one but she said no it’s ok you be asleep. I asked couple of times more but she refused, so I slept gladly. After just 10 min I sensed that she wants to stretch, so I twisted a slight and allowed her almost 1.5 portion of the 4 seats. 5 minutes later she suggested that we both can manage to sleep on 2-2 seats. So I twisted further and now both of us had 2 seats each. Little later she said it’s not comfy and I had to say ok you take 3 seats I will deal with one and she slept cheerfully for 3 hrs with the whole body stretched out 

Bhai City to Aiyoo City - We reached Bhai city at around 3 in the morning and it was pretty smelly as soon as the door opened. Bhai City port is not very good but we just had to kill couple of hours which we did and returned in one piece to the Aiyoo City.

Felt nice to be back after all that I went through. Now I can look forward to have a great time.
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