Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why do we make life so complicated for us??

Today morning I started to the workplace routinely at around 9 in my car. I took inner Bannerghatta course. When I was half way through to my destination, I saw a boy standing on the side of the road and frantically waiting for something. It took me 1 second in addition to comprehend that he wanted a ride. He was about 10-12 year old. He looked deprived but the way he wore his pant and T-shirt, nicely tucked in, impressed me and I stopped the car for him as soon as he waived me. I did not know what happened to me. I never stop for anyone, especially who are asking for lift. He looked un-harmful to me.

I asked him where does he want to go and he said "Hosur Road". I gladly let him in. I am sure that some of you (particularly my relatives) will not be pleased about this. They have all rights to not to be contented for this because we read every day that bad guys make use of such tactics and rob. But as I told you this boy did not look any threat.

So I let him in and I started to drive. He could speak only Kannada or Hindi so I started talking. I asked him quite a few questions,

Me: Where do you live??

Boy: Rajajinagar

Me: Then what were you doing here??

Boy: My mother is admitted in Jaydeva hospital.

Me: Then how did you get here, at nowhere.

Boy: My uncle left me here.

Me: Your Hindi is really nice, how??

Boy: I work for a North Indian. (I wondered what he meant by that)

Me: Which school do you go?

Boy: I don’t go to any school.

Me: Why??

Boy: My mother doesn’t have any funds. We both work in different houses to earn money. My father abandoned us long ago.

Boy: Now my mother needs 2000 for heart operation and we could manage only 1000. All our relatives have refused to give us any money, so I am going to one of my uncle who lives near Hosur.

I felt he has created a wonderful condition for him to ask me some cash ………. But he not at all did!!!

We reached Electronics city and still nothing which made me more positive about the boy that he is speaking the truth. I asked him how will he go from Hosur to the destination and he said same like this; taking lifts because he has no currency. I decided that I will give him 50 rupees and decided to drop him till Hosur road.

I dropped him at Hosur road but could not give him money. I don’t know what blocked me from giving him that 50 rupees. He got down and went off to get lift from someone else.

I felt content as well as awful. I was happy that I helped a person who undeniably needed it and felt bad because he also could have wanted those 50 rupees.

You know just because of few dreadful people, people like this boy do not get any help. I am very sure that lots of cars before me would have overlooked him. Why do we do that?? What distinction it would have had made to my bank balance if I had given him 50 rupees or even 1000 rupees which he was wandering for ?? But we do not do that.

You can go to a luxurious shop to purchase a tattered jean for 3000 rupees but you are not ready to give an extra rupee to a Sabjiwala or the guy who checks tyre air for your car. Why??

Why do we make life so complicated for us?? Please help such people. If Sabjiwala asks me 8 rupees for 1 kg tomato, I give him 10 rupees and don’t take any change back. What disparity will those 2 rupees make to me, I will anyways waste it on something worthless tomorrow but it is of much more significance to that Sabjiwala or any such individual.

Please help who needs it. Don’t give it to beggars, I don’t find it reasonable but if that beggar is aged and not capable of doing any labor then yes do help them and be bighearted, nothing comes for 1 rupee today. Give them at least 5-10 rupees. Don’t worry it will not make any difference to your assets.
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