Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top 10 signs which indicates that you are working for Joke Factory

10. When other then everything else is blocked.

9. When you get same reply for anything you request or recommend.... "NO"

8. When you buy meal from the factory restaurant and the canteen boy shooos you away if you ask for extra because what he served was inadequate.

7. When you ask ferry driver to ride slow and he also shooos you away.

6. When you never get your complete salary, ya that’s sad.

5. When everyone is given top work ranking in the same year when there is no hike in salary. The raise depends on the ranking. No hike means it does not matter what grade you get so offer everyone the highest grade and let them be contented.

4. When you are said to give your 150% but not to anticipate any help if factory fires you. (This was told by a very very top ranked spokesperson)

3. When you do terrible work you will get blasted majestically and when you do fine work you will just get blasted.

2. When you read a warning "Parking at owner's risk" within the Joke Factory's own boat parking waterfront. (I guess I should be guarding my boat for 8 hrs instead of working)

And The WINNER is: When life guard looks for bomb, knife and gun in you bag (I am sincerely not joking). He checks only males because females don’t do such things!! (I am yet again not joking)

Tell us more what different happens in you Joke Factory
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