Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feather in Joke Factory's Cap

All details given below are fictious and picked up from a leading newspaper, I have not written any of this (Otherwise Joke factory will sack me too :D)

Aiyoo City: A software engineer working with Joke Factory allegedly jumped to death from the multi-storeyed Joke Factory building located on the
outskirts of the city, police said today.

The deceased was identified as VY (28), a native of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh, the police said.

VY was working with the software firm in the Electronics city since 2004. He was on three months leave and last month he sent in his resignation through e-mail from his hometown which was accepted by the firm.

The company, however, said he could work till August 31, the sources said.

VY came to the office last night and jumped to death from the building, police said.

Readers Opinions

Joke Factory labour, Aiyoo City, says: I am also in same tower,ASS2 and same ODC where VY Jumped from,This is really sad news,his supervisor Should be hanged. They made him sucide. Joke Factory Really Sucks!!.This is not it happen first time here, in 2006 another guy jumped from ASS1 tower I want to get out of Joke Factory ASAP. Joke Factory policy are not employee friendly, they put 12000 people under enrichment,Govt should interfer in this situaion
[28 Aug, 2009 1131hrs IST]

Joke Factory labour, Aiyoo City, says: I am sure he was laid off. beacuse of that only that poor guy has done sucide..and if u knw software industry the first question is no one will GIVE YOU 3 MONTHS OFF !!!!Think guys time to leave Joke Factory....
[28 Aug, 2009 1115hrs IST]

cannot disclose, Aiyoo City, says: Hi, Its very sad to hear about this,I think there should be more inquiry in this matter,because I am damn sure that the guy would have been forced to put the papers as like me and thousands of employees who were asked to resign or face the adverse consequences. Ex employee Joke Factory
[28 Aug, 2009 1109hrs IST]

Joke Factory Employee, Aiyoo City, says: This is really a sad incident . Such kind of incidents can be easily controlled if the company policies are employee friendly . The HR should be doing councelling to know the state of the employee's mind . Also pressure which comes in from the management should also be checked .
[28 Aug, 2009 1022hrs IST]

sssss, delhi, says: actually indian it firms are hopeless and dont know to run business.Joke Factory is the worst firm one can imagine in india.hell with the cheap management of indian it firms who r good in cock riding
[28 Aug, 2009 0741hrs IST]

Another victim, Heaven, says: Suspect he would have been laid off and asked to resign. Would there be any other reason why he should choose to suicide inside office campus. Investigations result will not be revealed to safeguard the co. image. Poor guy let go his life. World doesn't ends when you are laid off.
[28 Aug, 2009 0459hrs IST]

Amulya, Atlanta, says: this news is wrong he did not commit suicide. Joke Factory is making story to hide fact. he was my child hood friend
[28 Aug, 2009 0450hrs IST]

Jagan, Blr, says: Joke Factory HR should be asked for their policy/agreement using which an employee can be given 3 months leave. And during that leave period, he has the rights to resign :). Does this happen in a normal situation? Employees getting 3 months leave in middle of a project, and then happily resigning? IT employees, know the labour laws of India and act accordingly. No other way out.
[27 Aug, 2009 2137hrs IST]

Lakshmi, UK, says: I completely agress with Tapan, Vohra. As a software engineer, I know, the difficult of work stress combine with this there is a interpersonal problems and other issues. I was once sufferer becoz, of depression. I was lucky to recognize and take control of my life but, how many people can do it for their self ? My self-assessment (intutitive) is around 70-90% IT guys are suffering from some form of mental illness. This should be the highest alarm issue for all corporate and government.
[27 Aug, 2009 1741hrs IST]

Joke Factory Employee, UK, says: Another feather in a cap for Joke Factory !!!
[27 Aug, 2009 1721hrs IST]

Tapan, Vohra, says: IT Professionals today are under a lot of stress, yet very few IT companies have the awareness or will to routinely access the mental health of its individuals. In these times of stress, companies should provide facilities for counselling for people who genuinely need help. Sites, like the Indian IT Professional Network, iITPRO.NET, should take up these issues with the corporate IT world.
[27 Aug, 2009 1557hrs IST]

True Joke Factory Employee, india, says: Dear All IT professional, This not new ,In MYSORE (karnatka)Joke Factory office the same incident happend in month of FEB.due to HR manager .one SAP team member also try to jump from 5 th floor but luckily security team caughtd very important to note that in mysore employee are thrown out from their job due to south Vs North fight.some high post manager having this mentality to bias.these type of people showing false performance issue for paper work and destroying Joke Factory brand name.
[27 Aug, 2009 1550hrs IST]
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