Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jaipur my home ground

The Decision - Everyone in this world keeps running after the money and to discover it everybody does the same thing, THE JOB. I am also into an 8-6 job in a well known software business corporation in Bangalore. Job is fine, money is good and life is also excellent but you know something is always not there, I am from Jaipur and I miss my homeland, ALOT. I miss my folks, I miss the language and I miss a lot of stuff. So I decided to visit my place, I do it repeatedly but this time it was after a long time. I was visiting my address after a complete stretched year.

The Plan - You know it’s very very tough to get leaves from your corporation and particularly Indian companies but my 4 year of work has skilled me to how to bend the rules. Since I was visiting my place after a year instead of accustomed 6 months, I decided to holiday for 1 month!!! I know a thought in your mind would have creeped up ... 1 Month ... IT Indian company ... noooo Waaayyyyy. But as I told you I know how to bend the rules. No one allows you to abscond for 1 month unless you have something very vital to attend to and sometimes not even for that but then I have to say that was fortunate. I asked time off to be present at my sister’s wedding and it’s an irony that I don’t have one. That worked out well and wollaa ... here I am in Kingfisher flight IT 104 on the way to Jaipur.

The Execution - To make my trip even more exciting I did not tell my parents that I am coming :-) I know. The shocker turned out to be a super hit instalment of “Bakra”. To my mom it was a jolt and she kept staring at me for about 30 seconds as if she has seen some white ghost. The next day my dad was coming back from Pune, me and my friend decided that we will drive him to the house from airport and will not let him know that me his own son is driving the car. He told my father that he has got a driver, I covered my face and my father also did not show any kind of anxiety to glance who is driving. When we disclosed this after reaching back home, he was expressionless for complete 5 seconds. He could not identify me when I came face to face, it happen when someone comes in front of you whom you are absolutely not expecting to be there, it was overwhelming.

The Relief - Now I am here and feel that I suddenly have all the pleasure in the life with me which was absent. There is contentment when an old friend shouts your name from outside your house like school times. It’s thrilling to go out with no helmet in the city where wearing helmets is enforced, to SARAS Parlour at midnight where they are still serving hot Jalebi and Hot milk while city is shuddering with the temperature of 8 degrees. It feels good when you get acquainted with your all new born 6-8 month ranged nieces and nephews. It feels heaven to have food prepared by mother, be it onion paratha from which oil is dripping out, Tea with less sugar and less milk (I hate it and yet I love it), Baingan ki sabzi or be it Sarso ka saag with makke ki roti Its all here right in front of me EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s JAIPUR my home ground. And the best place on earth is not Jaipur or Bangalore, Its HOME.

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