Tuesday, December 29, 2009

300 Idiots

Picture this,

I am in middle of the crowd which is chanting the slogans used in freedom struggle, "Inquilab Zindabad" (Long Live the Revolution), "Angrejo Bharat Chhodo" (British Quit India), "Tanashahi nahi chalegi nahi chalegi" (Dictatorship must not prevail) and "Hindustan Zindabad Pakistan Murdbad" (Long live India, not so for Pakistan).

Now where do you think I am, you might say that either I am in an election meeting or in a Protest but how you will react if I tell you that this was the situation in the movie theatre while watching “3 Idiots” surrunded by 300 idiots!! he he he I am not joking.

We went to see this movie after lots of recommendation and the outcome was not bad at all but the overall experience was one of its kinds. When movie was in its closing stages the machine broke and crowd was left stranded without a climax. People were tolerant for initial 45 minutes but then some notorious guys started some monkey business. They started reciting all those slogans I mentioned above including “Tum mujhe khoon do mai tumhe azadi doonga” (You give me your blood and I will present you with freedom). It was entertaining. At last show did not carry on and the people went restless. Theatre proprietor was a smart man, he without delay called law enforcement and started refunding the money. So to tell you in plain English, We watched almost whole 3 Idiots for FREE :-) and you know what I even got my photograph clicked by the press photographer as a suffered consumer. Can you spot me in Green T-Shirt.

Let’s talk about the movie, I am not a very very huge fan of Aamir Khan’s Movies or Aamir Khan’s but I must tell you that this one is a TOP NOTCH. The movie has everything Emotion, humour, tragedy etc but most significantly it has a meaning. Message to be accomplished and not to run behind accomplishment. I know you might say how that can be good, it is and it means if you are well skilled then Success will run behind you. It is to all those parents who weigh down their dreams on their kids and anticipate them to accomplish those dreams for them, failing to understand that they are assassinating their childhood and pushing them towards depression. It’s to all professors, college universities and schools that securing first-class grades is not the eventual aim, the objective should be to gain knowledge of new things, practical knowledge and not just getting passed by simply reading the books.

The assets of the movie are EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER; Each and every smallest character has a very vital part and a very concrete casting. All the key actors did more than full righteousness to their characters but even a 5 minute roles from Javed Jaffery, Mona Singh as Kareena’s Sister and the hostel helper boy named “Millimetre” in the movie were well played and were too significant for the movie. “Three Idiots” has some excellent songs and a bright screenplay. It’s said that it’s inspired from the book “Five point someone” but I would say that it’s very loosely based on the book, you can relate only very few parts of the movie to the book. So please do not expect it as a movie version of “Five point someone”.

It’s a very refreshing movie and has some very different kind of funniness to it. It’s a very encouraging and remarkable movie with a very fruitful finish (Climax which was missed in theatre, I had to watch it by downloading it). One of my friend said that it’s a kind of movie which has to be kept in the collection to watch it over and over and I agree somewhat with him. According to me it’s for sure certainly one time watch but I did not get the same reaction what I still have for “Hera Pheri” or “Andaaz Apna Apna”, maybe I will if I watch it for the 2nd time :-). Do Go and watch in the theatre if tickets are not over priced.

I would rate it 4/5
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