Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

The New Year has come and I am very sure that you had a blast on 31st December 2009. Well I am here to tell you how I celebrated my new year’s eve. This was after 8-9 years that I was celebrating New Year with my parents, since my wife and brother were absconding and we wanted a change from a customary television watch every 31st December, we decided to hit the road and party it with our loved ones. We drove all the way to Jodhpur, the city of Sun aka Sun City.

We reserved new year’s eve bash in a Rajasthani style resort “Nirali Dhani” which we thought had a analogous class of setup as of “Chokhi Dhani”, See the images below, this is Chokhi Dhani,

We paid 600/- per person which sounds pretty economical in view of New Year carnival together with food and supplementary attractions. We dressed well and reached to “Nirali Dhani” as it was mentioned on the tickets at approximately 8 PM. The place looked respectable but it was nowhere near as good as to the Chokhi Dhani but I calmed myself down and looked forward to take pleasure in the bash. They served Tomato Soup and 3-4 different kinds of starters which included Aloo Tikki, Pani Puri, Paneer Tikka, Noodles and Chola Bhatura. The flavour was ok and acceptable. The evening started with “Kalbeliya” folk singers and dancers, it was excellent. I always like that particular Rajasthani folk routine, here are few snapshots of the same.


But all of a sudden an ear deafening echo shook us. With no prior announcement they started with Dance floor inviting everyone, in middle of “Kalbeliya” performance, which they had to discontinue because of the dance floor opening. People started dancing and enjoying on the beats of fresh Hindi and English songs. It was this thunderous that we had to leave and attend to the Ghazal proceedings which was going in the underground Bar which was called “Jo - Hukum”, how do Ankit look :-) (Clicked in “Jo - Hukum”)

In Jo-Hukum Bar

We came out immediately after a single ghazal because it was too smoky since it was a smoking bar (It’s banned in India by the way). We decided to have dinner which I must tell you was the most pathetic food I have ever eaten, it had Gajar ka Halwa, Chakki ki sabzi and Dal !!!! That’s all, that’s all for the dinner !! What category of a moron are you Mr. Organiser. We literally had to eat Gajar halwa (Best in what was offered) to fill our stomach. I also realized later that we were overdressed for the party he he he. (Me and my cousin sisters, my parents and my mother’s sister) Aren’t we overdressed for such party :D

People poured in as if it was free admission, later on it became as if it’s a typical North Indian wedding reception which people got adjusted to fairly well because they are customary of eating like that 

SDC10390We got annoyed so badly that we came out at around 10:30 itself, we went directly to the home and were very contented to watch all TV shows on all the channels, which we have been doing from last many years and you know what, we were very pleased to do that. Incident in Nirali Dhani has taught us why we should not Party out on New Year ’s Eve in a New Year party bash. It’s an absolute waste of time and money. We are staying at home from next time and to all my friends from Jodhpur, I am sorry but Nirali Dhani SUCKS big time, I would rather travel 6 hrs to Jaipur and go to Chokhi Dhani.

Well, happy New Year to all of you, May this year brings all good luck and prosperity to you and your family, God bless all.

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