Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nintendo WII

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No matter how old are you, no matter how many grey hair you have, there is always a kid inside every one of us. To please the kid within me I always wanted to get a video game. The extreme anxiety to get something in that context made me a gadget freak, well I was a gadget freak before but since I had developed a curiosity towards this also gave me vision to a huge family of gaming gadgets.  sony-psp-2000-slim


   First I thought I must go for PS 2 but when I saw PSP my mind changed. Out of the blue then XBOX was launched and when I played game on it for the first time I just could not wait to get one for me. But since i had just started earning, playstation3-console 25,000 INR was a big amount to spend on something like that, so I thought I would hang around for a while. My wait was no longer tolerated by Sony and they launched PS3 and when I laid my hands on that I totally discarded XBOX because the graphics in PS3 just blew my mind away but again the price made me hold, PS3 was launched at an astounding price of 40,000 INR which made me wait evenMICROSOFT CORP. HOMER XBOX more, I still could not afford it.


But some 4 months ago my sister-in-law called me up and asked me if I want to try Nintendo WII out which her husband has got it from US (Many Many thanks to her for that, Anju you ROCK, not only because of this but in many ways, About Anju in some other blog later). I had heard about it and I wasn't appealed to it just because it did not have any sort of unbelievable graphics whatsoever as compared to all its competitors. I knew the concept but it’s on screen cartoons never bewildered me in comparison to XBOX or PS3 high end graphical creatures.


I got Nintendo WII and hooked it up to my 42” LCD TV, From that day till today I cannot tell you what have my experience been. Nintendo WII is not just a video game its an experience.


I am not going to talk about much about it but will show it to you.



   Pretty incredible huh!! I also thought the same, it’s wonderful. So I right away called my SIL and asked her where to buy this and she said she can ask her husband to get it from me from US. It was reward to my patience, I without any uncertainty said “Yes, Please ask him to bring me one”.

   From next day onwards I started browsing about Nintendo even in office, I then found that basic package contains

1 WII Console and 1 WII remote, which was around 200 $ roughly 8,000 INR

    I was not pleased with the composition because I wanted to have 2 remotes so that whenever there is a party at my place we can have some grave contests. So I added 1 more remote to my parcel.

    After that I also stumbled upon new extension for WII, WII Motion plus. Whatever you saw above is a basic WII remote which sense all your motions but with motion plus it captures even your wrist movement!!! Check this out,



    So I added 2 motion plus for 2 remotes, the list was mounting. I then happened to again stumble upon one more astonishing WII tool, WII Fit. An added addition to WII, completely committed to fitness and I must tell you its pretty overwhelming, checkout this video.



So at long last I ended up buying

1 Console

2 WII remotes

2 Motion Plus

1 WII Fit

     It turned out a good bargain since it came from US, It made me shell out around 23,000 INR which on the other hand is quiet cheaper if you buy it in India, In India the same package could cost you over 35,000 INR.

the best thing about Nintendo WII is that,

1. You are not just sitting and playing some brainless space invader game but you are in fact in the game, you are bodily there and you have to prove your substantial potency to play this.

2. You need not be a gamepad nerd or joystick genius to play any game Nintendo puts forward, anyone in the family can play it with a negligible introductory tutorial.

    If you are planning to buy something like this for your kid or for yourself then I strongly recommend Nintendo WII, its simple but keep you on your toes. It does not have any great graphics but what it does have is great concept. It’s a next generation video game.

Do let me know what do you think about it.

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