Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best People in my life

Let me clear off the air before I begin that I am not writing this under any pressure or on a gun point by my wife which might make you suppose that may be I might have fought with her and just to make it up for that I am praising her here, no that's not the case.

As you all know that my wife hails from Bangalore and she is Bangalorean, a kannadiga. She is my best friend because of many many reasons. When we met first, that day itself we acknowledged that we do not have anything common amid us but the only thing that matched were the thoughts. We think in a similar way and that is the most significant fuel for any liaison especially marriage.

We usually forget and overlook what a girl give up when she gets into guys family unit, we fail to see all those things that guy still has and girl does not. In my case I always credit what she has done for me and I always attempt to make it up for her by cooking for her, giving her flowers or taking her out on shopping because she is worth it and deserves it.

I have met people who got married to maids; ha ha ha yes at least the mind-set was somewhat like that. According to them wife must look after the house, look after Guy’s parents, cook, go to a job and earn money and they must do all this without any assistance from their husband or in-laws. I really feel terrible for those wives who have got such husbands.

I do not let my wife to cook alone and if possible I try to cook by the time she is back from office. Why should she cook unaccompanied?

A Typical wife has following every day schedule and sometimes even harder then this,

# She should get up at 6:30 with the sunrise.
# Make tea and then prepare breakfast.
# Get her lunch ready and do groundwork for dinner.
# Go to workplace on 2-wheeler or in bus in heavy and dreadful traffic.
# Work in office from 10 to 7
# Come back in the unchanged heavy and dreadful traffic.
# Get ready with the dinner
# Dirt free the house if necessary
# Sleep at 12 to get up in 6 hrs again.

Don't we notice this, why don't we ? Why is it that what we (husband) do from 10-7 is more then all above, I see no comparison.

I am thankful to my wife that,

# She speaks my language rather then hers which is very very very great of her.
# She cooks 3 meals a day
# She does take good care of me
# She does not buy luxurious things and does not asks for exclusive outings :-).

So start giving respect to your wife because you married to a companion, not a maid.
And on the same note, more then wife we must respect our Mother, she does more then a wife, she is wife and mother, double duty. Let us all thank these 2 people in our life today :-)

Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Thanksssssssssssssssssssss Biwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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