Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prince VS Kites

Question no.1 - Why I want to write about these 2 movies ??

Answer no. 1:- Because last weekend I saw both and I was surprised to notice how media works to hype something.

Question no. 2 – Why now ?

Answer no. 2 - I know its too late to write about these 2 films as they are nearly 2-3 month old and one of them already have had its television premier but I still wanted to go ahead and do it because for me time is never a problem :D

So let’s take them one by one,

Who is in it – Kites has a quit strange star caste with hunk Kabir Bedi, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut and I have no idea about rest of them.

What’s the deal – Movie making is an art and Rakesh Roshan has that ability, we have seen great movies from him which includes “Kaho na pyaar hai” and “Koi mil gaya” but this time he has got it all wrong. The movie to me was any old story where hero and heroine are running from heroine’s evil family because hero is either poor or belongs to a different caste, if they get caught they will be slaughtered, concept like “Gadar” or in-fact “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak”. But here the lone difference is that all of it is shot in Las Vegas and Mexico. Hrithik Roshan has tried a lot but failed to deliver, he hammed it up completely. Barbara Moori on the other hand looked strikingly gorgeous and has acted very well.

Conclusion - Entire production money is exhausted on luxurious locations and not even on cast. Kabir Bedi is a real stud even at this age in front of Hrithik and was given just a 5 minute role. Kites have no story or any purpose. Skip it even if you are a Hrithik fan. If you want to watch it then watch it just for Barbara Moori, she has looked stunning and has acted extremely well.




Who is in it – Vivek Oberoi and ????

What’s the deal – It’s a big deal, Bollywood has failed again and again whenever it comes to a sci-fi action flick attempt. Haunting examples like Love story 2050, Krrish, Blue and Dhoom 2 are amongst big banners who botched to capitalize on this recipe. The problem with each of these movies was that they were either copied from a Hollywood movie or have spent entire money on special effects!! But what about story?? Prince by far is incredibly fine movie!! Prince has an decent story line which is NOT inspired at all except 1 or 2 extremely short sequences from Paycheck and Bourne Identity. Special effects are acceptable and are not at all shabby. Few things which were too much even for a Hollywood movie like brain crashes and reboots, memory can be transferred to a hard disk but they were there momentarily and I could very well pardoned all just because the story and direction were sincere and gripping.

Conclusion - Prince is not at all a bad movie, it worked for me. It’s a kind of movie from which you can look forward to some more Indian sci-fi action flicks if taken inspiration from. Watch it if you get an opportunity, it’s not extraordinary but absolutely a good quality movie and much much much better then Kites.

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