Monday, July 5, 2010

The Beach

The Beach is the restaurant which is located in Indiranagar, Bangalore,

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I have heard a lot about The Beach but never got an opportunity to be there until yesterday when 2 of our friends decided to throw a party for 10 of us Party smile. They have actually put sand on the floor to provide a fell of a beach. The place is decent, if you get to sit on “Couch” but if you get small stools you may get annoyed after sometime because they are very uncomfortableAnnoyed. At lunch time we were given 2 selections, 499/- limitless Soft drinks/Mocktails/Beer Mug and 699/- unlimited VodkaMartini glass inclusive of everything in 499/- batch. With all this you will be supplied with infinite Vegan and non vegan starters Plate. There is no Buffet but you can choose what you want and order, it will be served to you on your table.

Now if I go to a place where I am asked to shell out 500/-Money I look forward to get at least a decent food and an upright service which were absent constantly. We were not given any menu cards but the server made us aware about what all is offered. We were given choices of 4 vegetarian starters and 4 non vegetarian starters. The food quality was under standards Thumbs down in comparison to what was I being charged for. Also, it was very annoying Steaming mad that every time a starter gets over we have to order over again instead we getting served all the time.

When we were done with the starters and demanded for the main course, the attendant offered us a menu card, trust me if I tell you this that the menu card was nothing but ONE A4 sheetSurprised smile!! The menu had the starters which we ordered and also something which we were not told of. It looked like that they wanted to supply all non-expensive food and saved themselves a tiny fortuneDevil. Main course also did not have much of a selection, overall it was a below average experience food wiseSmile with tongue out.

Since we were 10 of us we had a blast and we had loads of funThumbs up, mind you that we enjoyed because we were a group. I think we had around 15 rounds of beer and 9 Tequila shots (Which were billed separately) in total with limitless starters for which we were billed around 7,000 rupees which was way beyond what it was worth of.


My opinion, please skip “The Beach”, it’s not at all worth for what it puts forward (For lunch time, I do have any idea if it’s the same in the late afternoon) until you are intense drinker Disappointed smile and can make your money count by unlimited liquor. I would rather advise “Barbeque Nation”, just next to “The Beach”, where you will get AMAZING food and even if you drink as much as we did, you will not cross that 7k mark.

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