Sunday, July 18, 2010

Egg Factory


I love to watch NDTV Good times and I especially like the TV series “Highway on my plate”. It’s a show about 2 guys, one vegetarian “Mayur” and one non-vegetarian “Rocky”. Their job is to visit any place in India and to taste it’s most eminent shops and their dishes. On the same show they went to Bangalore once and for breakfast they ended up at “Egg factory”.

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I personally believe that if Maggie and eggs were not there then the humankind would not have survived. I Photo0019worship egg and was craving to visit this place as soon as possible. We made a plan and 6 of us made it to the place at 9 in the morning. The restaurant ambience is excellent, they have tried to make it like a factory with all kinds of equipments like siren, chalk board etc. It has wooden tables with wooden benches which are reasonably comfortable, it has nice windows because of which it’s kind of a polite place where you and your gang of friends can sit down and chat for hours and no one will come to bother you. And we did the same thing, we had breakfast for around 2:30 hrs, until we called no one came to us to take down the order because it was evident from the menu that it typically takes vvvvveeeerrrrrryyyyyyy looonnnnggggg time to make your mind up for what you would like to eat because they put forward a broad variety of Indian/Chinese/Italian dishes made out of Eggs.


We ordered countless dishes, roughly 10-12 items from the list of options but to our dissatisfaction we found only 2 dishes worth the money they demanded, Akoorie (Spicy scrambled eggs) and Roasted chillies frittata (which is basically a spicy spinach spread spread over a normal omelette), Everything else was just ordinary, as my disappointed wife said, “They served us a 10 rupee omelette for 100 rupees”.

Its always good to reach here in the early hours because this place has many followers and gets over packed in no time. If you are a freakish egg lover then you must go here at least once but price and the food for that price will make you apprehend why you should not go back.

As Mayur and Rocky does,

Price – 3/10

Taste – 5/10

Service – 7/10

Ambience – 8/10

Value for money – 3/10

Will I go back – Probably not

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