Monday, May 14, 2012

Guru Palace – A Dirty Affair

Guru Palace is situated on Bannerghetta road, near Meenakshi mall. It’s that kind of restaurant where all young guys come for food + alcohol. It’s not at all a great family restaurant but have a reputation of serving delicious food. I have been going to Guru Palace from last 2-3 years with a regularity of like once in 3 months. I go here because its nearest restaurant I have. The food is reasonable but they do not pay any consideration to the hygiene and sanitation. Which is why my last visit became my last visit ever to Guru Palace.

Me and my friend went to have a good north Indian food. We ordered couple of curries and chapatis.

1. He took forever to come and clean the table we were sitting on.

2. Then he took ages to get the menu card

3. After taking the order down, he took almost 30 minutes to get the food

While I was sitting there, a group of 6 guys got their order. As they began eating one of them realized that the chapatis that were served to them are stale. He asked waiter to replace them with the new ones. I started thinking what if that waiter now dish out those returned chapatis to someone else. What’s the way to know if food that’s being served to you is fresh ?

Well we were served food and as I was about to take a first bite into my Roti, I was shocked to see that my chapati was already eaten from one side !! I soon grasped that my nightmare is in front of which I was thinking few minutes back. It was clear that the waiter had served me the same chapati that the guy took a bite in and returned !! As a composed person I showed this to the waiter who was serving me. That guy coolly took that chapati and got me a new one in a minute WITHOUT EVEN SAYING SORRY TO ME.

We finished the non-tasty and expensive food in few moments. Over the period of time the quality of food in Guru Palace has sunk with rise in price of the food. We went to pay the bill and I asked for Manager. Now according to the waiter and cashier manager was just here and now missing; it was clear that they did not want me to talk to the manager. Then cashier asked me what’s the matter. I asked him, “If you serve a Roti to a customer. He takes a bite of it and returns it to you saying that its stale. Then what do you do with that Chapati ?”

“Sir we throw that away”, cashier said

“Sir it was served to me”, I replied in anger

To my astonishment he was not at all stunned to hear that !! Cashier asked the waiter who was serving us. Seeing me talking in Hindi; they both started talking in kannada. They did not know that I understood Kannada and this is what waiter told cashier,

“I asked cook to make new rotis but a group of guys returned lots of rotis, hence cook reheated the returned chapatis and gave it to me to serve. But later when this guy found out that it’s a stale chapati, I gave him fresh one straightaway”

Immediately cashier asked me, “Sir what’s the problem, we anyways gave you the fresh one right ?”

I could not believe that someone would be so cocky and arrogant to treat their customers not less than dogs. In this whole incident no one asked me sorry a single time. The cashier was not even bothered when I told him that just because of this incident I will not return to this place again. I have self-respect and hence I will not go this place again in my life. Please avoid this place.

My report card for Guru Palace not just based on my last visit,

Price – 3/10

Taste – 3/10

Service – 0/10

Ambience – 0/10

Value for money – 2/10

Will I go back – I will not even allow my dead body to be taken there

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