Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Refrigerator Bills KANBAN

Ever wondered how to recall what bills to pay or what bills you have already paid ? Do you always have confusion if a bill is already paid by your roommate or by your wife or husband ? What to do in such circumstances ? Well the answer is Refrigerator KANBAN. KANBAN literally means "signboard" or "billboard", is a concept related to lean and just-in-time (JIT) production.

What you need is few fridge magnets (one to associate with each bill type, e.g. Telephone bill or a cable bill), A permanent marker and a double door refrigerator J

Inscribe all the bill names on the fridge magnet with the help of permanent marker like below,


Now, you just need to place these magnets on the top door of your refrigerator and wait for bills to arrive. Why fridge ? Because that's one unit after television that you use the most. Whenever you would open the refrigerator door to grab a beer you would see the unpaid bills.

So, whenever you pay a bill; move the respective magnet into the 2nd door which implies that you have paid the bill. If you do not have double door fridge then you can just draw a line indicating 1 half as not paid and other is paid.


This way you are always aware what bills are paid irrespective of who paid it. You no longer need to call your roomy or family to check if a bill is paid or not and of course the way around. When all bills are paid move all the magnets back to the upper half for next month’s cycle.

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