Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aroy – A Thai Delight

What is the dissimilarity between Thai and Chinese food ? In India; nothing. But yet there is a new place that does complete honesty to the food when its Thai. I am talking about Aroy, located in JP nagar above Crosswords,

Aroy serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food but strictly Thai in nature. They also have few dishes that are of Burmese origin.

Aroy, JP Nagar Menu

Aroy, JP Nagar Menu

Above Menu Pics Courtesy Zomoto – Visit this link for complete Menu http://www.zomato.com/bangalore/aroy-jp-nagar/menu#tabtop

Aroy is a rooftop restaurant where you can sit in an enclosed zone or in open-air. The only difference between inside and outside is mostly a glass wall. I have been here 2 times on a cloudy twilight and I must say that the ambience is just exquisite. The fixtures, the spotlights and the entire arrangement of fine dining excellence.



The only problem that I find with open air restaurants is that the food goes cold in no time but every time I have been to Aroy; I was ready to trade that with the charisma of outdoor cosmos.

The food served here is Thai which means lots of coconut based gravies. When I was here the last time; I and my wife were starving and jumped straight on main course, we ordered Ong Noh Khaw Swte (Burmese specialty which is Steamed noodles, Crispy noodles with curried broth served with selection of numerous add-ons), Coconut Rice, Green Curry.



Now it was only 2 of us who are moderate eaters; who ordered three dishes. I did not appreciate 2 things,

1. All three dishes were presented to us at the same time instead we should have been asked which dish we want to have first. But still staff understood the situation and took back the Green Curry and Coconut rice.

2. The portions are relatively generous here and one dish alone was adequate for 2 of us and yet the waiter did not recommend us to go for one dish and order later if required. So eventually we ended up with take-away for rest of the 2 dishes we ordered which could have been circumvented.

Where we could have certainly had dinner inside 350/-; we spent 1100/- and ate that fine dining restaurant dishes at home the next 2 days for breakfast. I did not realize it last time because we were 3 with pretty much the same order.

Overall I am not disappointed with the restaurant because the food is delightful and have lots of finesse in it. The team of cooks here unquestionably know how to make Thai food, of course indianised version of it. Prices are not too extraordinary for the class food is offered.

My Report Card for Aroy based on my 2 visits,

Price – 7/10

Taste – 9.5/10

Service – 7/10

Ambience – 8/10

Value for money – 8/10

Will I go back – Hell Ya Hot smile

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