Sunday, December 15, 2013

Unlimited Pizza @ US Pizza–Last nail in the coffin



So here is the deal, how many of us know if there is another chain of pizzas that exists with the name US Pizza, I assume very less. In the times of Pizza Hut, Dominos and Pizza corner; US Pizza is trying hard to make its name known but getting nowhere. US Pizza outlets are located all around Bangalore, 13 of them apparently !! The one that I visited was located at 9th Block Jayanagar.

I personally love Dominos but what caught my eye was this enticing offer from US Pizza,


So I and my wife went for a brunch on Sunday to try out our luck with the Vegetarian offer. I read one review that said the service wasn’t great but food was good; experienced by a group of 4-5 bachelor guys. Still expectations were not high and we ordered 2 vegetarian unlimited pizza meals.

First Course was Salads, they have a complete salad bar with almost 10-15 different type of salads, dressings and fruits,




We tried almost all the salads in small bites and all of them were phenomenal for the price we were about to pay. And that led to a promising prospect to look forward to have something even better.

Then came the Soup, which tasted like salted tomato ketchup, it definitely wasn’t freshly made; to me it would have been perfect base for the Paneer butter masala gravy.


Next was the Garlic bread and Pizza,



So here is where all the beans were spilt, The garlic bread was good but the Pizzas were not so much. The problem was the crust and the issue was either of the following,

1. Either the Pizza base was old and hence was chewy, hard and dry, Or

2. They make a large size Pizza and serve a slice to everyone who opted for unlimited Pizza meal; they just heat up the leftover slices from previous batch made few minutes ago and serve again later.

So how much ever hungry you might be but will not enjoy more then 2-3 slices and might switch to Salads and Garlic breads.

Then arrived the last course, Brownie with Ice-cream, which was good for the money we paid,


First of all US Pizza is in no competition to Pizza Hut, Dominos and Pizza Corner but they are trying hard to get people with these kind of great deals BUT until and unless you do not provide and equivalent or superior quality; no one will return !!! The only thing I can think of is their targeted customers are college students and bachelors for whom quality is secondary !!

Here is my report card for US Pizza (Vegetarian Unlimited Pizza Meal),

Price – 9/10

Taste – 6/10

Service – 8/10

Ambience – 7/10

Value for money – 6.5/10

Will I go back – I don’t think so

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