Sunday, January 4, 2015

Three Mistakes of my life

When people said I did not listen. I just wanted to see how someone can make same blunder again? First time mistake is excused to everyone but if you do it again, it’s not correct and when you do it on a large scale, it’s a crime, playing with people’s emotion, taking their hard earned money and giving them something that’s not worth their time or money. I am talking about audacity to make Happy New Year by Farah Khan and Shahrukh Khan after Tees Maar Khan and Ra-1.

I just wanted to see what was the fuss all about, I know that you should never care about "What’s the fuss all about" in any SRK or Farah Khan movie but this was different. These people are in business from a long time and have created great movies in past but this one been out of any league known to mankind.
The jokes are bad; movie is unsettlingly too lengthy with enormous star cast given bad roles and lines. Shahrukh khan’s ten pack has looked really ugly and doesnt look real. Following pic was viral on social network sites few days ago and it is not exaggeration,


There are sequences which were totally unnecessary and simply added duration to the length of the movie. It was a 3 hours movie filled with pathetic sequences and jokes, very very awful slapstick comedy. The entire movie is filled with glitter and nowhere gives any sense of anything. Actors like Deepika Padukone and Abhishek Bachchan are wasted by giving them bad accent and awful bad personality. Deepika does not know English but loves English and Abhishek loves to puke !! I mean what’s wrong with these people ? There are jokes which were supposed to be funny ……… 20 years before !! I now felt Humshakals was better than this, yeah I have watched Humshakals as well and lived to tell tale about.


If you are fan of any of its star cast then watch only last 30-45 minutes where movie is good, you would feel its good because you would have lost patience in first 2.5 hours. Again, watch it but don’t spend 3 hours for it.

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