Monday, April 13, 2015

A Rainy Day

I was looking at the sky and begging god, please not today, please not today. You gave everyone a hard time from past 2 months by radiating your wrath of scorching heat and now want to reprieve them by giving them an impulsive monsoon. Everyone will be pleased but I will not be. It’s a big day for my sweetheart and I don't want it to come down crumbling. Just don't make it rain only today, please please please. And next moment one drop hit my cheek and another on my right hand. With gradual drops my heart sank in the bottomless ocean of sorrow and anguish. I knew that the day is ruined and what I was waiting for and planning for from last couple of months will get swept away in next few minutes. But the show must go on, with heavy heart I started shifting all the furniture that was organized and strategically placed in the open garden area to the 1/4th sized party hall. Shifting all the chairs and comprehending that there is no place to stuff all and yet get the party going hit the consciousness real hard. Just wanted to have some time alone and punch a wall hard in disappointment till it starts bleeding. It was an important day for her and I knew that she would say its fine and will give me a smile of however this party may turn out to be but it was my responsibility to make this day exceptional for her, I wanted to make this a really special day in her life as she will not get this day again.

With that thought in my mind I began organizing things; rain was still persistent but not substantial. We arranged everything inside with some respectable decoration in contrary to what it was supposed to look like,

But what can be done in front of Mother Nature. Once the shifting and re-positioning was done, we were little pleased that it looks rather respectable now, I now had to keep my emotions at bay and think about the people invited; I had to forget about what I sought and need to carry on working towards giving a noteworthy experience to the people. It was already late when the readjustments began; people might turn up any moment but we kept slogging to make things better and when we were almost done, people began to arrive. I was little content with what we now had to offer to people and it wasn't a complete disaster.

Now I had to get ready to receive people and see if things go well, I quickly came back and received people with a smile and graciousness but in my heart there was always that itch of not having this day perfected for my princess. I was looking for her, I wanted to talk to her and I wanted to ask how she thinks about all the arrangements. And there she was with her mother across the hall looking right at me, trying to say something but I could not hear. I was surrounded with people passing on the good wishes to me for the day but I wanted to talk to her, kiss her and say that I will do it better next time. I attended some more people before reaching her and took her in my arms but could not say anything to her. But she handled me well by embracing me and giving me the sweetest smile ever. I could read her expressions, she was cheerful and exhilarated to see everything, she stretched her right hand out to me to say thank you. I could not understand her completely but knew that her smile is saying; thanks for making my first birthday so special Mummy & Papa.

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